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Christmas movies... we can't get enough of them. The time in which we 'can' watch them is actually far too short to see all the favorites again every year. Because: where do you find the time? And they are so much fun, those films like The Polar Express, a Christmas Carol, The Grinch who stole Christmas, Scrooge, Santa Claus, Home Alone and I could go on and on.

A real Christmas movie immediately gives you the Christmas Spirit , that nice, happy feeling. That bubble of carelessness, conviviality and fuzziness. Which film exactly gives you that has a lot to do with the past. Your own in the past, of course. Every family has its own traditions and around Christmas this often involves watching that one special Christmas film.

That's why we asked on Instagram "What is your favorite Christmas movie OF ALL time?" and there were very nice answers, often with even better memories.

In the coming weeks, a number of favorites will be presented with fun facts and personal memories from Happlify readers. Would you also like to tell us about your favorite film? Scroll down.


We start with a classic from 2006: ' The Holiday '.

The film in brief: The story follows two women, Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) and Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet), who decide to trade their respective rural homes for the holidays through an online home exchange. Amanda ends up in the picturesque English countryside, while Iris finds herself in sunny Los Angeles. As they rediscover their own independent lives, unexpected romantic entanglements arise. Amanda finds love with Iris' charming brother Graham (Jude Law), while Iris forms a bond with an American composer (Jack Black). The film celebrates love, friendship and self-discovery, and offers a heartwarming look at the magic of the Christmas season.

Actors: Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law

The Holiday: Happlify reader Karin's favorite

Do you remember when you first saw the film (and with whom)?

I believe with my husband who was just my boyfriend at the time. He immediately had to get acquainted with my Christmas madness!

What makes this film so special for you?
The story, the English landscape, the music of Hans Zimmer. I have the CD of this movie. The music is truly magical!

Would you like to say anything else about it?
Yes, really let the music guide you. The music really makes this film so special to a large extent!

The Holiday fun facts

Location shoots

Although the film is set in England and Los Angeles, much of the exterior filming was done in a small English village called Shere in Surrey. It gave the film a charming and picturesque look. Moreover, it actually snowed three times during the recordings.

Improvised dialogue

Much of the dialogue in the film is improvised, especially that between Kate Winslet and Jack Black. The director, Nancy Meyers, encouraged the actors to respond spontaneously, which added to the natural and relaxed atmosphere of the film.

source: Giphy.com

Amanda's house

The house of Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, was actually built specifically for the film. It was designed to have a modern, sleek look and served as a key backdrop for many scenes in the film. Cost: $1 million. The cottage in England also appears to have been built from scratch...

Soundtrack successes

The film's soundtrack contains some well-known Christmas songs, but also modern songs. A standout song is "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers, which is used during a key scene in the film.

Popular cast

In addition to Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black, the film also has some well-known supporting roles, including Eli Wallach, Rufus Sewell and Edward Burns. The diverse cast added an extra layer to the film's appeal.

Jack Black
My (Mariko) personal favorite in the film is of course Jack Black! Fun fact: He didn't want to participate in a rom-com at all in the first instate, until he heard that his co-star would be Kate Winslet.

Dustin Hofman
In the video below you can see the best scenes with Jack Black and the unplanned cameo with Dustin Hofman. The story goes that Dustin Hofman drove by the DVD store while Kate Winslet and Jack Black were filming a scene inside. When he saw all the cameras outside, he decided to drop by to see what was going on. He knew director Nancy Meyers, and together they came up with the fun cameo on the spot.

'The Holiday' has become an all-time favorite with many viewers since its release, especially during the holiday season. The combination of romance, comedy and Christmas magic has contributed to its enduring popularity. So just watch this great film again!

Another nice behind the scenes video

💬 Tell me, what is your favorite?

In the coming weeks, more Christmas movie favorites will be released with fun facts and personal memories from Happlify readers. Would you also like to tell us about your favorite film? Then answer these questions and email (+ photo) to hello@happlify.nl:

  1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  2. Who did you first see the film with (and with whom)?
  3. What makes this film so special for you?
  4. Would you like to say anything else about it?
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