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Autumn is in full swing and winter is already around the corner. Time for a blog where I take you on an enchanting creative adventure! Today I would like to share with you my experience about decorating pine cones with gold leaf. With this simple and fun DIY you can add beautiful accents to gifts, potpourri or even make a beautiful garland.

Now for the fun part of this DIY!

Put on your walking shoes and look for the perfect pine cones in the forest. If you don't have a forest nearby, don't worry  They are now also available in abundance in garden centers. Choose pine cones of different shapes and sizes to create a varied and interesting effect. Now you have the pine cones at home and you can get started.

Gold flakes DIY

This is what you need:

  • Pine cones
  • Foil flakes (available at hobby shops and online or from Sostrene Grene, Action, SoLow etc)
  • Hobby glue, water-based that dries transparent
  • Threaded eyelets
  • Brush
  • Old toothbrush

This is how you proceed:

Apply a thin layer of glue to the scales of the pine cones and let it dry briefly. Carefully place the gold leaf on top with a brush. Press it gently to ensure it adheres properly. Let them dry and then take a toothbrush and remove the protruding foil flakes by rubbing them. Repeat this process until you have decorated all the pine cones.

Gold leaf DIY

Now you're probably thinking... "What can I use those golden pine cones for?"
Here are a few tips from me:

Golden pine cones gifts:

Take your decorated pine cones and secure them to presents using ribbon or string. This gives your gifts a unique and festive look that is guaranteed to impress.

Golden pine cones garland:

Take a piece of string and tie the pine cones with a little space between them with a simple knot.

Happlify DIY - Love from Fleur

Golden pine cones potpourri :

Use your decorated pine cones to add extra sparkle to a wonderfully scented potpourri. Place the pine cones in a bowl or organza bag, together with dried petals, herbs, (home) dried orange and/or apple slices. For an extra fragrance explosion you can choose to add essential oil.

Love from Fleur - Happlify craft

A simple DIY with few supplies to make beautiful golden pine cones. Who doesn't enjoy a little bling?!
Have fun making! Love from Fleur

The author: Fleur Foster-Dingley

Fleur is a photographer specialized in branding shoots for creative female entrepreneurs. You can reach Love from Fleur also go for styled products: unique atmospheric images of products that match your brand. Fleurs' style: warm and atmospheric with an eye for detail. Fleur's blog posts >

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    • Elise
    • December 17, 2023 at 10:14 am

    Heel leuk idee! Ik was iets soortgelijks al van plan te doen met verf, maar ik bladgoud glanst natuurlijk veel mooier en dat is met verlichting ernaast wel heel leuk.

    Ik raad iedereen wel aan om de dennenappels eerst schoon te maken (door ze te laten weken in water met azijn of te drogen in de oven), dan heb je er veel langer plezier van :)

    • Sofia
    • November 27, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    Wat een leuk idee! Toevallig heb ik een hele mand dennenappels liggen en wist niet goed wat ik ermee kon doen. Nu volop geïnspireerd door jullie blog. Dankjewel! Sofia

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