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The Whamhalla, that's where you are if you have heard 'Last Christmas' at least once by December 1 and participate/are aware of Whamageddon. As a Christmas fan, there is as good a chance as the entire North Pole that you will be there with us in the first week of December... (and you can simply put Last Christmas on repeat again).


Whamageddon is a challenge/game played during the Christmas period where the player must try not to listen to 'Last Christmas' by Wham! from December 1 to December 24 midnight. If as a player you hear the popular Christmas song within that period, you are out and you must post #whamageddon on social media (with photo) to indicate that you are out and no longer participating.

🎉 EXTRA FUN : also place the hashtag #whamageddon_nl

Exceptions to this game are remixes and cover versions of the song, which are allowed and do not count. Although this is not encouraged on the Whamagaddon website , but is allowed, a player can send the song to another player or otherwise attempt to make the other person lose.

The Whamagaddon rules are briefly summarized:

  1. no 'Last Christmas' by Wham! for as long as possible! listen
  2. the game starts every year on December 1 to 24 midnight (home time zone)
  3. Only the original counts, remixes and cover versions do not count
  4. you're done if you recognize the number
  5. post #whamageddon on social media when you're finished (and tag @happlify and/or at least comment below this post , or below this blog post) that's fun!

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How did this madness start?

One of the first versions of Whamageddon appeared in 2010 on the online internet forum GTPlanet, under the name 'GTPlanet vs. Wham! -Last Christmas'. In 2016 the game was given the current name Whamageddon and the rules were established.

We have been here at least 13 times, this year alone. But I don't know if that counts because we are only now aware of the game... Somehow I also find it a shame to participate because this Christmas hit is so 'Christmas'. ' makes. The great thing about Christmas songs is that you turn them to gray within 30 days, then throw them up completely and don't hear them for 11 months and then they come back to being cheerful as new.

So this misery is allowed 🙊

Movie tip: Last Christmas

In 2019, the film 'Last Christmas' was released, completely packed with George Michael music. So be warned: it is a real Christmas movie, so it is wrong, cliché and bland. But if you go with a bunch of friends, wine, beer and M&M's, you will have a very pleasant evening! Here at Pathé at home you can rent and watch Last Christmas online.

WARNING : After watching you may immediately Instagram #whamagaddon. Even if you watch this trailer by the way 🤦‍♀️

Are you participating? Tell us in the comments below!

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