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So, there we are on very slippery ice. Because just Google 'how gemstones work' and you will get more than 300K pages to read through. Does amethyst help with headaches? Do you get power from tiger eye agate bracelet? Does rock crystal provide clear insight? Can gemstones make you happy or happier? No and yes. Wait what?! Just read on.

I am a down-to-earth Zeelander who has been collecting semi-precious stones since she was nine years old. Colored stones, minerals and also fossils were displayed in my nursery with nameplates. A real gemstone nerd. I found it very interesting where the stones came from and really read the leaflet on how the stones work. But I never really believed it. I really wanted to, but once you've pulled yourself out of the clay, it never really works out 100%.

Gemstones work or not?

Gemstones and full moon

Now I have to admit that I sometimes place my stones in the window frame during the full moon to charge them. My husband and son turn a blind eye. But believing that a purple stone will help me get rid of migraines. Not in a million years. Yet it continues to attract me and that is certainly not without reason. Because after the necessary research, I can tell you something positive. And you probably already know the answer.

The science of how gemstones work

"A crystal can become warm when you place it on your body or hold it, so it can radiate heat. You can experience that as something healing," says Joep Peters, PhD candidate at Utrecht University and specialized in crystals. “But if you put a crystal down, it doesn't radiate anything.” So you can say, from a physical point of view, that crystals do not have a scientifically proven healing effect.

Joep states that because gemstones are so special to us due to their color and shape, people like to attribute healing powers to them. 

Amethyst healing

Crystal therapy

How is it possible that it is claimed that crystals can heal you? According to Andrea Evers, health psychologist at Leiden University, crystals cause a strong, positive placebo effect if you believe in them. “If you attach great importance to something, such as a stone in the corner of your room or around your neck, it has positive physical and mental effects. It can really make you feel better,” says Evers.

According to the psychologist, positive expectations that you can have with crystals really have a good effect on our psyche and our body.

This is how the placebo effect works.

Affirmation is the magic word

When I still had a jewelry brand and we used gemstones there, I could never claim that you will find the love of your life through rose quartz. We did describe that rose quartz, the stone symbolizes love and friendship. If you give someone a piece of jewelry as a gift, you emphasize your love for him or her. How beautiful is that?

The approach of Jewels with Flair is exactly like this, just look at the jewelry with symbolic meaning .
Gemstone jewelry

At Happy Whatever, gemstones served as inspiration for these special Rainbowmaker Crystal window stickers that provide magical rainbow light in your home.
Rainbow Maker Crystal

Long story short: can gemstones make you happier?

Gemstones themselves have no (scientifically proven) healing powers. But with your own affirmation they can make you feel better. You can do much more with a positive mindset than you think, and if loose gemstones or gemstone jewelry can help you with that, great, right?!

Are you not yet convinced that your thoughts have an effect on your body? Then definitely watch this video.

Mariko Naber

The author: Mariko Naber

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