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In other words April Fool's (England) or Poisson d'Avril (France) this day is known for the jokes that people play with each other on this day. And they have been doing this for a long time, because the April Fools' Day jokes date all the way back to the year 1506! How this day became known as Joke Day is not entirely clear, but the most often heard story is that farm workers used to work so hard that they needed a good laugh with each other.

That's what we at Happlify are all about: laughing with each other! You make lucky fabrics and by teasing each other a bit you strengthen your bond. Provided you don't make it too much with your jokes, of course. Fancy some teasing? We collected some fun April Fools' Day jokes for you!

April 1 joke for your colleagues

Do you and your colleagues regularly enjoy something delicious during the coffee or lunch break? Fool them and take an empty box from that nice coffee place or that one donut shop. Fill it with something completely different, like celery sticks, a bunch of tomatoes or anything else you don't really feel like during coffee time. When you enter you can already see them beaming, ooh, something delicious with the coffee! Let them enjoy it all morning, until the coffee break arrives and the box opens… April 1st!

April 1 joke for your children

Prepare this days in advance. Tell them it's time for the dentist, orthodontist (at least something they hate) and extend this all the way to the day itself. Drive towards the dentist/nasty place and stop in front of the door. Only then do you say that there is actually no appointment at all… April 1! 

The night before you have already packed your bags because after so much deception they deserve a nice outing. Off to the forest, amusement park, playground!

PS: This also works with your partner. A dinner with that great-aunt he really doesn't like, or that annoying colleague he doesn't like. With lead in his shoes, the sweetheart goes along anyway, but then you stop the car in front of your favorite restaurant where you have reserved a table for two… April 1th, dear!

April 1 joke for your family

Breakfast? With a nice egg? Chances are they'll like it. But instead of a real fried egg, you put something on the table that looks like it, but doesn't taste like it at all. You do this by pouring full-fat yogurt on a plate and placing half a peach in it. Fun and surprising… April 1st!

April 1 joke for your neighborhood kids

This works if you have fish. Talk to your neighbor kids and tell them you have a really big problem. Your fish do have food, but you can't give them water, the water bowl is lost. Poor fish, they are so thirsty! Do the neighborhood children have a container at home that you can borrow? After you have asked this question, you have to wait until the penny drops… April 1!

Other fun April Fools' Day jokes

  • Send someone a serious looking envelope with a lot of glitter in it
  • Change the date on your colleague's computer
  • Move your roommate's bicycle/car/moped when he is sleeping. Was it stolen? No, April 1st!
  • Secretly install an app on his or her phone that makes it look like the screen is cracked. Google on Cracked Screen app for example.
  • Fake spiders, fake flies, fake ants… always works
  • A strip of glue at the beginning of a toilet roll. 
  • Bake something delicious, but with sambal, salt, in it. That first bite, the horror! To make up for it, of course, make sure you have baked something really tasty.
  • Oreos with toothpaste. Buy a pack of Oreos, scrape out the whites and replace with toothpaste. Bah!

💬 Tell me, do you have another fun prank you want to share with us?

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