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The first Sunday in May is officially the Day of Laughter every year. In honor of that beautiful day, here are the best laugh films ever for you! We delved into the film archives of MovieMeter, where the top 250 best comedies of all time have been compiled based on votes from film enthusiasts. This list includes everything from classics to the latest Netflix hits. Here are the 5 best laugh-out-loud movies you shouldn't miss, based on top ratings.

1 - Intouchables (2011)

This French film, also known as ' The Intouchables ', tells the heart-warming story of an aristocrat who becomes paralyzed after a paragliding accident. The film takes a comedic turn when he hires a young man from the suburbs to take care of him. What follows is a series of hilarious and moving moments that prove that friendship knows no boundaries. 'Intouchables' is a wonderful mix of comedy and drama that makes you laugh and touches you deeply at the same time. A logical number 1.

2 - Forrest Gump (1994)

' Forrest Gump ' is not just a comedy, but an epic story that takes you through the tumultuous decades of the main character, Forrest. This film, starring Tom Hanks, combines humor with deeper themes such as love, war and the meaning of life. Forrest's naive view of the world produces numerous comical, but also poignant situations. At 142 minutes long, this film provides more than enough material to both laugh and learn. Heart warming.

3 - Fight Club (1999)

Although ' Fight Club ' may seem like man cave material at first glance, this film is infused with biting satire and social commentary, making it an unforgettable comedic experience. The plot follows a disillusioned young man who, together with a charismatic soap salesman, starts an underground fight club. This film is not only a criticism of our consumer society but is also full of unexpected humor. A film that makes you think and offers a lot of fun at the same time. And Brad.

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4 - Snatch (2000)

This British film from director Guy Ritchie is a brilliant combination of crime and comedy. ' Snatch ' brings together an ensemble cast, including Brad Pitt once again (not a bad thing at all), in a story full of fast-paced action, sharp dialogue and unexpected plot twists. The story, which revolves around a stolen diamond and the colorful characters involved, makes for a hectic and humorous viewing experience. 'Snatch' is perfect for a night of fun.

5 - Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001)

Better known as ' Amélie '. This beautiful classic is an ode to life's little happiness and, in my opinion, should have shared first place. Amélie, a naive Parisian waitress, decides to make the people around her happier with small, anonymous gestures. This leads to a series of funny and moving scenes, enhanced by the stunning cinematography and enchanting soundtrack. Amélie's own search for love is both heartwarming and hilarious. This romantic comedy is a wonderful escape from reality. But be careful, you'll immediately want to go to Paris after watching it! Not bad either.

Tell me, do you agree or... what is your favorite funny movie ever?

This list will be different for everyone. My (Mariko) absolute laugh film number 1 is ' Monty Python's Life of Brian ', you can really cheer me up. And now you, tell us in a comment below what your favorite funny movie is.

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Source: Moviemeter.nl

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