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A good night's sleep is very important for everyone, but even more so for your child. It contributes to their indispensable growth and development. That is why a good quality mattress is very important. Children between 4 and 12 years old are in an important growth phase, where a good mattress not only stimulates growth but also promotes good posture while sleeping. This reduces the risk of physical complaints later in life, for example. What do you pay attention to when purchasing a good mattress?

Important things to pay attention to

If you are going to buy a mattress for your child, there are a number of points you should pay attention to. First of all, the mattress must be free of harmful substances, which is often guaranteed by quality marks such as Oeko-tex 100. For children who use a loft bed or bunk bed, it is good to pay attention to the maximum mattress thickness, so that they cannot easily slide over the railing of the mattress. can roll into their bed. In addition, the mattress should not become too warm and it must ventilate well to remain comfortable. Finding a balance between firmness and comfort is important; too soft provides too little support, while too hard is uncomfortable. Mattresses with zones are often not suitable for children up to 12 years old, because they are not yet tall enough to use the zones effectively, which can lead to incorrect lying. Hygiene is also important: the mattress must remain dry and clean, preferably with a removable anti-allergic cover that can be washed. Finally, the mattress must be durable and free from depressions to prevent back problems in the long term.

When does a mattress need to be replaced?

On average, a children's mattress lasts about eight years, which means that the mattress is used a lot during the age of 4 to 12 years and often needs to be replaced after that period. It is therefore good to have one immediately after sleeping in a crib  purchase the right mattress so that your child can sleep comfortably on it until puberty.

Is the mattress worn out?

How do you recognize that a children's mattress is worn out? First of all, an old mattress becomes unsanitary over time, because it absorbs moisture that we lose during the night. But a mattress also deteriorates in terms of quality: as it ages, it loses its resilience and ability to provide good support. A useful tip is to turn the mattress regularly, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. So that it can air well and stay in its original shape for longer.

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