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At Happlify we love gifts with a beautiful meaning. And we all secretly long for magic... The newest Happlify Crew Member Coco Cadeau has a special gift for this: the Wishing Stick. A unique item that not only looks interesting, but also carries a deeper meaning. This article takes you into the story of the Wishing Stick, aka Talking stick, a perfect gift for anyone who wishes you light in life.

What is the Wishing Stick?

The Wishing Stick is hand-painted with the image of a Quetzal; a bird that was revered by the Mayans as a symbol of freedom and goodness. A small opal stone is attached to the stick, known for its power to provide insight and realize dreams. This combination makes the Wishing Stick a powerful affirmation instrument for realizing wishes and dreams.

The story behind the Quetzal

The Quetzal played a prominent role in Mayan culture, considered the god of the sky and a bringer of goodness. The bird symbolizes the idea that freedom and the pursuit of our deepest desires are essential to our spirit. Using the Quetzal on the Wishing Stick serves as a daily reminder of this powerful message.

The power of opal

Opal stone is known for its enchanting colors and seemingly mystical properties. It is often associated with inspiration, creativity and strengthening intuition. In the context of the Wishing Stick, opal not only helps you visualize your dreams, but also take the steps necessary to make them a reality.

A gift with meaning

The Wishing Stick from Coco Cadeau is more than a gift; it is a sign of hope and a source of inspiration. Packaged in a beautiful bag with matching explanation, it is a thoughtful gift for someone who could use a little magic. And with the option to add a personal card, giving the Wishing Stick becomes an even more personal experience.

Surprise someone from a distance

Happlify Crew Member Coco Cadeau makes it easy to surprise someone from a distance with the Wishing Stick. Carefully and stylishly packaged, it can be sent directly to the recipient with a personal message from you. It's a wonderful way to show that you are thinking of someone even if you are not physically nearby.

Be inspired by the magic of the Wishing Stick and bring a piece of this enchanting world into your own life or that of someone else. Can be ordered from Coco Cadeau - €19.95

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