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If someone close to you has experienced something unpleasant, you will undoubtedly want to support him/her. You can do this by visiting regularly or calling every now and then, but also by sending a card. Do you prefer the latter option? Then you've come to the right place. In this text we will tell you how to encourage someone with a card.

Choose a suitable card

If you want to encourage someone with a card, you must first find a suitable greeting card . You can go to a physical store to buy one, but you don't have to. There are also countless tickets available online. The selection here is even many times larger than in a store, so you are more likely to find a suitable card. Don't forget to filter the offer if you want to buy a ticket online. You will then only see cards to encourage someone and that will save you a lot of time.

Have you looked at most of the cards by now, but haven't come across the right one yet? Don't panic, because you can also make a card yourself to encourage someone. Don't think you have to tinker for this, as many websites today have a digital card design tool. Thanks to this tool, you can decide for yourself what a card will look like. For example, you can provide the front and/or the inside of a card with a photo.

Use the right words

You don't encourage someone with an empty card. Therefore, make sure that you also provide the card with a striking text. Some people know immediately what they want to say, but not everyone can just whip out a text. That's why you might choose a text like 'I wish you the best of luck' or 'Hopefully you will recover soon'.

Are you not in favor of such standard texts, but are you unable to come up with an uplifting text for a card yourself? Then see if the website has a tool to help you with this. For example, Greetz has a text assistant to help people create a unique and personal message. You simply indicate what should be included in the message and the tool does the rest.

Add a gift

A card is a good way to cheer up someone who is going through a difficult time. Would you like to support the person in question a little more? Then you can do this by sending a card with a gift. If you send a card online, you simply add a gift to your order. You can often choose from different gifts, such as a bouquet of flowers or chocolate. The card with your personal message and the gift will be delivered together to the address and date you entered.

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