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Is summer also your season? I personally can't wait until I can wear cheerful dresses, skirts or my shorts again and then I prefer to wear flip-flops or sandals. But of course those feet have to look a bit...

Your feet have to endure a lot. They carry and take you where you want to be, all day long. In winter they are tucked away in socks and shoes. But when the temperature rises, they can 'breathe' again and then you naturally give them a thorough overhaul so that they become summer-proof. I'll give you some nice3 tips so that you can get real Happy Summer Feet in no time. 

  1. Feet pampering
  2. Happy nails
  3. Decorate your ankles
  4. Pimp your own flip-flops

Tip 1 - Feet pampering

Foot bath

Your feet deserve some pampering, right? First remove some old nail polish, the 'left overs' from last summer and make a lovely foot bath with lukewarm water. Add some nice bath oil drops or one of those nice bath bombs from Lush, for example.

Remove your calluses - It is probably not an unnecessary luxury to scrub your feet with some scrub gel for nice and smooth soles. And if there is still some callus left, remove it with a pumice stone or a callus file.

Take care of your nails - Only cut your nails if a large part of the nail needs to be removed. But is it just a small edge? Then you better file your nails. First rub the cuticles with an oil before pushing the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher.

Massage your feet - Pamper your feet with a delicious foot cream. Because after a winter in socks and tights you probably forgot to lubricate them. And while you are applying it, massage the cream firmly and give yourself a foot massage, good for the blood circulation and your feet will thank you, trust me.

Tip 2 - Happy nails

A natural deserve summer feet, summer nails. You can of course opt for the classic 'red nails' . But also try something new. For example, each nail is a different color, or dots with a skewer with a different color of polish on the still wet base layer. Make nice flowers or figures. Or how about simply covering the first colors straight or diagonally with adhesive tape and then painting that box with a different color. And if you mess up the polish, you can remove it with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Let it dry thoroughly, carefully remove the tape and then apply a layer of clear varnish over it. Have fun, just try. Your feet can take quite a bit and you will steal the show.

This video explains which (more classic) colors are best to use.

    Tip 3 - Decorate your ankles

    Decorate your ankles

    An indispensable part of my jewelry stash are of course anklets. They complete your outfit from head to toe. My shop HanneHaves contains the nicest and happiest anklets . Of course beautiful with your summer outfit, a dress or shorts. But it's really nice if they adorn your ankles on the beach in your bikini or swimsuit. And to make wearing as comfortable as possible, no metal closures are used for optimal wearing comfort in the HanneHaves ankle straps. Made of cord and glass beads in nice bright colors. And make your ankles a party by combining different straps and colors. On 1 single but both is of course also fun. Enjoy mixing and matching. Also take a look at the sets of an anklet and a bracelet.

    Also nice from Hannehaves: DIY flip-flops

    How nice it is to walk barefoot in slippers, at home, on holiday on the beach. They are often boring, so pimp your own slippers in your style. With these DIY packages you can pimp your own slippers. If you buy a slipper package you will receive a link to a video in which I explain step by step how to do this. Result: Unique one-of-a-kind flip-flops that adorn your feet. DIY flip-flops - €9.95

    About the author

    Author - Hanneke van Doorn
    Hanneke is the creator of Happy Hippie jewelry from the HanneHaves brand. She has been making jewelry from her own studio for over 6 years, cheerful happy jewelry with a 'touch of Boho'. Unique jewelry of which only one piece is made. She loves color and especially turquoise, the sun, watermelon and shrimp, Ibiza of course and positive people.

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