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Earlier we wrote about this fine book: 'Come well' written by Pascalle Bonnier and Tess Milne. The happiness book full of sunny ideas gives a new perspective on everyday things and how to get happiness out of them. This time we can share something nice from the book. Something you can use to score points with your children this summer. Something that connects and it is a skill that you will enjoy for a lifetime: making a successful campfire!

make campfire

There is nothing more fun than playing with fire. And dangerous, so do it carefully. Almost every holiday in which a fire was lit is memorable here. Collecting firewood is fun, stories around it are epic and don't forget to roast the marshmallows on branches you found yourself! But how do you make a good campfire 'easy'? Well (and you will find this on page 175 of Come well including fun campfire recipes!!)

Roasting marshmallows


  • dry wood in various thicknesses, including some thin twigs, such as those from pine trees, or bark, pine cones, dry grass, hay, or moss
  • sand
  • long matches
  • water or extra sand to extinguish

That's how you do it

Making a campfire starts with gathering wood. If you are going to make a campfire on the beach,. make sure you have enough wood with you, if you are going to make a campfire where the forest is nearby, you can do this on the spot. Any wood on the floor is suitable, as long as it is dry. You need 2 types of twigs. Thick sturdy branches but also very thin twigs. Pine twigs are very suitable for this, but bark, pine cones, dry grass/hay or moss also work well.

Make a substrate of sand, so that the substrate cannot burn. On the sand, make a first layer of thick branches. Make a second layer of thin twigs on top, arrange them in such a way that sufficient air can flow through. Fire needs oxygen to burn. The third layer is the layer that you will light first, so it should consist of the thinnest and driest wood. This third layer is laid out like a pyramid on the thin twigs.

The fire is now ready to light. This is the best moment: use long matches, they also burn for a while. Sit down to hold back the wind and light your campfire! If your fire is going to burn, you have to keep it going. Always put some of the thinnest twigs on the pile. If your fire burns better and more consistently, you can feed it with thicker branches. Again in a kind of pyramid shape so that sufficient oxygen can get to it. Later, the bottom layer will also light up.

You can make the fire as big as you want. You can now also put thick blocks of wood in the fire. Always keep a close eye on your fire. If it doesn't burn as well, add some more thin twigs and blow, that will do your fire good! Important: Always make sure the fire is completely out before you leave. For example by extinguishing it with water or sand. In addition, make sure you have something nice to sit with by the fire, a good rug, camping chairs, et cetera.

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