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Have you ever thought that tea and kitchen towels can really transform your kitchen? With VAAT this is now possible! In this blog post we take you into the world of Happlify Crew VAAT - a brand that has raised the standard in kitchen textiles and gives your kitchen a personal touch. And the best part? We conclude with an exciting Instagram giveaway!

VAAT is hip, quality and sustainability in one

Each cotton VAAT towel is made in Portugal with care and attention to detail. VAAT consciously chooses ethically produced materials in an Oeko-Tex certified factory, using BCI cotton. This means that you not only get a beautiful product, but also one that is responsibly produced. The unique thing about VAAT is that each set of towels gives your kitchen a completely new look. They are the perfect accessories to give your kitchen its own character. And the trendy cloths are not only beautiful, but also practical. They are nice and big, ideal for all kitchen chores. Choose from the trendy color combinations at VAAT : denim/baby blue, pink/orange, coral/green and black/sand.

The perfect housewarming gift

VAAT towels are also the perfect gift for all kinds of occasions. Whether it concerns a housewarming, a renovated kitchen or just a nice dinner with friends; VAAT says goodbye to standard gifts and brings something unique to the table.

VAT competition

Participate in the VAAT giveaway!

VAAT changes the rules when it comes to kitchen textiles. With their beautiful designs and high quality, they are a must-have for every kitchen. Participate in our giveaway and who knows, you might soon give your kitchen a fresh, new look with VAAT! We can raffle two VAAT gift sets worth €19.95 ! Can't wait? I also understand, order your trendy DISH set here immediately and make your kitchen instantly cheerful.

💃 This competition already has a winner, but there's probably one more what else to win - click here !