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The year has only just started, but are you ready for a breather? Or still. So it's time for some rest, but no time for a long holiday. What now?! What if I told you that you can experience the feeling of a three-week vacation in just one day, right at home? Zen Caravan 's 'Retreat for home' makes this possible. Do not you believe it? Read on then!

Mindfulness, movement and self-care

Zen Caravan's Home Retreat is a unique experience that combines mindfulness, movement and self-care. It starts with mindfulness, where you learn to regulate your attention and live in the moment. Movement is also discussed, with exercises that feel good for your body and help reduce stress. Self-care is an essential part of the retreat, where you learn to really schedule time for yourself and enjoy peace and relaxation. In addition to the Dutch-language Retreat for home, there is also an English-language variant !

What can you expect?

This online program offers a range of activities such as mindfulness meditation, feel-good yoga, a mindful walk, yin yoga, and sound healing sessions. These activities are intended to help you relax, regain your focus, gain energy, and work on self-reflection and personal development.

Zen Caravan home retreat

How does it work?

All you need is to choose a date where you put yourself first. Set your date, block this day in your calendar and don't plan anything else. On the day itself you will follow the ' Retreat at home ' under the guidance of Eddie and Joy from Zen Caravan. You create a nice place at home for your retreat and enjoy it!

The costs for this unique home retreat are €79.00, and you can use it again and again. How nice is that?!

Zen Caravan Retreat for your home

Competition: Participate and win!

Lucky you, because in collaboration with Zen Caravan we can give away a 'Retreat for home'! Don't miss this opportunity to treat yourself to a well-deserved break. Participate below and who knows, you might soon be the one who experiences the feeling of being on holiday for three weeks in one day! You want that too, right?!

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