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Besides that one baby or children's room is a cozy place to sleep and play, nicely decorated, the practical matters are just as important! When installing heating, for example, there are a few things you need to take into account. It is of course nice if it matches the rest of the interior, but safety is of greater importance. A child-friendly way of heating that also looks beautiful! Read on for some tips.

A little less boring and a little more playful

​​A children's room should above all be a cozy place where children can play and feel at home. The room should certainly radiate cheerfulness. Gray or white radiators ? No thanks. Your youngster probably prefers bright colors. There are more than enough special design radiators that both you and your child will love. Another option is to give an existing radiator another coat of paint.

The location of the radiator

It is important to maintain a constant and even temperature at night, as fluctuations disrupt sleep. It is therefore advisable not to place the heater too close to the bed. It is also better not to place the radiator next to other furniture, as this can reduce its effect and increase fuel consumption if the radiator is partially covered.

Safe radiators

It is important that radiators in a children's room are child-proof. Accidents happen quickly, especially with sharp corners near where your child can be active. Young children are curious and may touch things that are dangerously hot, such as heating pipes. Therefore, place the baby bed far away from the heater to prevent burns. A radiator with a lower temperature is a smart choice. This is not only environmentally friendly and cost-saving, but also much safer for children.

Heating with infrared

An infrared heater is a good option for a children's room because of the pleasant and even heat distribution. Due to the fast heating time, the room warms up wonderfully quickly. An infrared panel can also decoratively embellish the children's room. For example, consider an infrared heating panel with a printed photo that fits perfectly with the room design. Such a panel can stand out with a bright, even color or serve as a chalkboard. Infrared panels are space-saving because they are only 3 centimeters thick and take up little space. They can be easily mounted on a free wall or ceiling.

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