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Online shopping, who doesn't enjoy that? The internet is full of online shops that offer beautiful things and nice gifts. When you look for a gift, do you go for new, second-hand or even vintage or antique?

Search for gifts online

The search for a nice gift often starts online: get some inspiration in a nice webshop. Are you going for a personalized mug or t-shirt or are you buying something nice for the birthday boy or girl's interior?

For personalized gifts you will soon end up with a new product, but for interior items or a beautiful piece of jewelry you may also be able to buy a used gift.

New or second-hand gifts?

Not all second-hand items are suitable for gift giving. Consider, for example, a painting that is very discolored or a tableware set with chips. Since it is a gift, you naturally want it to look like new.

Products that you can easily buy second-hand are, for example, plant pots, candlesticks or books. A vintage vase or an antique cupboard are also nice gifts for the true interior enthusiast.

For example, take a look at Happlify Crew Member Sofia's Brocante for a beautiful vintage find.

What about financially?

If you're on a budget for a gift, there are two things you can do. Consider whether you buy a small, new present or something larger that is second-hand. And if you really want to go all out and someone has something specific on their wish list, you can go for vintage or antique. These are often somewhat more expensive items.

Warranty and returns

The advantage of a new product is that it still has a warranty and you can also exchange it if you don't like it. You cannot always return used products to the seller. So always ask if you have any doubts.

Insurance in case of damage

When your gifts are lying around the house, something can happen to damage them. For example, think of a glass of drink falling over it, or your child knocking over the gift and causing it to break.

Fortunately, the gifts are covered by your home contents insurance. It does not matter whether it is new, second-hand, vintage or antique. A receipt is also usually not necessary: ​​an image or account statement is often sufficient to receive insurance reimbursement in the event of damage or even theft.

Be careful if you have purchased a vintage or antique gift. If such a valuable product is damaged, you will need a valuation certificate to demonstrate its value and be entitled to compensation.

The maximum reimbursement you can receive from home contents insurance varies per insurer. Comparing your home insurance can therefore be useful, especially if you sometimes receive expensive gifts.

For example, if you buy a beautiful piece of vintage furniture, it can quickly become very expensive. Most home insurance policies offer a maximum insured amount of €5,000 for valuables, so check carefully whether your belongings and gifts fall within this.

Happy shopping!

By researching the wishes of the birthday boy/girl, you can buy a suitable gift. Whether you go for something new or second-hand, you are sure to make the birthday boy or girl happy with a nice present. Happy shopping!

Image: Unsplash

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