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Your holiday should ideally be about making beautiful memories, unique experiences and the comfort of home as much as possible. Oh, and without too many people around you, right?! If that's true, as far as you're concerned, then aparthotels are your jam. But what are aparthotels, and what sets them apart from traditional hotels? In this article you can read all about them and discover how they can enrich your travel experience. Finally, an exclusive top 5 for you of beautiful aparthotel addresses that have a great chance of becoming your next holiday destination!

What is an aparthotel?

An aparthotel is a mix between an apartment and a hotel, offering the perfect balance between the services and facilities of a hotel with the space, privacy and comfort of your own apartment. These accommodations are ideal for travelers who want to stay in one place for a longer period of time and prefer self-sufficiency without sacrificing services such as cleaning and reception services.

The difference between aparthotels and traditional hotels

Although both aparthotels and traditional hotels offer overnight accommodations, these are the obvious differences:

  • Space and privacy: Aparthotels often offer more space than a hotel room, including separate living areas, kitchens, and sometimes even multiple bedrooms.
  • Self-sufficiency: The kitchen in an aparthotel often allows guests to prepare their own meals, which is not only convenient but can also help reduce travel costs.
  • Flexibility: Aparthotels often offer more flexible check-in options and length of stay, which is ideal for both short trips and long-term stays.
  • Services: Although you have more privacy and self-sufficiency in an aparthotel, you can still enjoy certain hotel services such as cleaning, reception and sometimes a gym or swimming pool.

Why choose an aparthotel?

Aparthotels are the perfect choice for modern travelers looking for the best of both worlds: the flexibility and comfort of an apartment, with the luxury and convenience of hotel services. They are ideal for families, business travelers, and long-term stayers who want to experience a 'home away from home'.

Happy top 5 sunny aparthotel addresses

1 - Kaloni Village - Lesbos, Greece (grade: 8)

Kaloni Village is located in a beautiful green and quiet area. You can walk straight to the beach through the garden. The well-maintained apartments have no fewer than 6 swimming pools and a restaurant. This is a popular place for bird watchers because it is one of the most beautiful places for bird watching. From Kaloni Village you can enjoy walking and cycling and you can make many nice excursions with a rental car. Flight, bed and breakfast in July from €577 *

Kaloni Village

2 - Papillon Aparthotel - Zakynthos, Greece (rating: 8.5)

Papillon Aparthotel is a small-scale and hospitable family complex in the center of Argassi and within walking distance of the beach. As soon as you walk out of the hotel you are in the center with many shops, restaurants and bars. Despite its central location, you will find peace and quiet in the hotel for a well-deserved holiday. Papillon Aparthotel is the perfect place for a wonderful holiday for young and old. Flight, bed and breakfast in July from €543 *

Papillon Aparthotel

3 - Iberostar Malaga Playa - Costa de Sol, Spain (grade: 8.8)

This aparthotel promises the ideal children's holiday for the whole family! On a site covered with tropical plants ( GSTC recognized sustainability certificate ) of no less than 18,000 m2 is the 4-star hotel Iberostar Malaga Playa with several slides, children's pool and close to the beach. With an ideal location next to the walking boulevard, where the sandy beach is also located, you actually don't have to leave the complex during your holiday. But the hinterland with beautiful nature and authentic villages is also worth it. Flight, accommodation and half board from €784 *

Iberostar Malaga Playa

4 - SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort - Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (grade: 7.7)

Aparthotel SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort is located on my personal favorite Fuerteventura. It is a great resort with numerous facilities for you and there is also plenty to do for the children! The resort is located directly on the beach and close to the center of Costa Calma. This aparthotel offers you good service, neat rooms and good food. What else do you want? Flight, accommodation and all-inclusive from €766 *

SBH Costa Calma Beach Resort

5 - SBH Monica Beach - Feurteventura, Canary Islands (grade: 8)

You can enjoy a wonderful holiday at SBH Monica Beach (also on Fuerteventura). This aparthotel has several slides and a children's pool. The Canary Islands sun almost always shines and the elongated sandy beach of fine white sand is wonderful to relax on. The sea, varying in color from green to dark blue, invites you to swim all year round with a pleasant temperature! Flight, accommodation and all-inclusive from €807 *

SBH Monica Beach

*prices mentioned are indicative and included at the time of compiling this article. Prices and availability may therefore differ.

Long story short

Aparthotels offer a unique combination of comfort, space and hotel services, making them an excellent choice for today's traveler. Whether you're looking for a short stay in the city or a long-term base, an aparthotel offers you a flexible and comfortable home away from home. Discover the charm of aparthotels for yourself with our top 5 favorite addresses and make your next trip unforgettable.

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