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What could be better than celebrating the season of growth and renewal with a sweet, sustainable gift that symbolizes both? In this blog post a fantastic idea from Fleur aka @liefsvanfleur , which is not only stylish and sustainable, but also incredibly fun to make: flower balls in a water glass!

A gift with meaning

Flower bulbs equals spring. They represent new life, growth, and blossoming. Flower bulbs in a water glass not only look very beautiful, but they are also a symbol of hope and renewal. This makes it a perfect gift for friends, family or as a thoughtful gesture for your children's teachers, for example during the Spring Festival.

Durable and reusable

Another great aspect of this gift is its durability. Once the flower bulbs have finished blooming, the story does not have to end. You can easily plant them in the garden or in a pot so that they can bloom again next year. The water glass in which you presented the balls can be reused as a drinking glass or as an attractive holder for a tea light. This is how you create a gift that keeps on giving.

Love from Fleur cleaning flower bulbs

How are you?

Putting together this charming spring present is surprisingly easy and a fun activity to do with the children. Follow these steps to make your own flower balls in a water glass:

  1. Choose your flower bulbs - Go for spring favorites such as Tête-à-tête daffodils or Blue Grapes.
  2. Preparation - Carefully separate the balls and peel off the outer layer until you are left with a clean, white ball.
  3. Cleaning - Rinse the roots of the bulbs gently under the tap.
  4. Filling the water glass - Place a small amount of water in a stylish water glass and place the balls in it.
  5. Wrapping - Wrap everything nicely with some cellophane or kraft paper and a ribbon for that extra special touch.

Love from Fleur, styling flower balls

Perfect for any occasion

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for Easter, a birthday, or just as a sweet gesture, these DIY flower balls in a water glass are a hit. They bring spring into your home, are environmentally friendly, and are also fun to make.

Do you have a nice idea or experience with making this gift? Share it with us! And remember, HAVE FUN!

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The author: Fleur Foster-Dingley

As a photographer, Fleur specializes in branding shoots for creative female entrepreneurs. You can reach Love from Fleur also go for styled products: unique atmospheric images of products that match your brand. Fleurs' style: warm and atmospheric with an eye for detail. Fleur's blog posts >

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