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It is counting down to December 5th and then we have been celebrating Sinterklaas for years with package evening. But this year will probably be different. Bags full of presents in colorful paper, the nicest surprises and poems read aloud. Gourmet or cheese fondue with the whole family, you can eat full of gingerbread nuts, chocolate and marzipan.

That may not be possible, but... with a virtual package evening it is still possible to celebrate package evening together. Even now, so close to Sinterklaas' birthday. How? Read on soon.

Always a chance raffle

You can of course draw the raffle tickets virtually. No more endless repetitions because someone keeps fishing themselves out of the bowl. But just online and the handy thing is that you can immediately make a wish list vialootjestrek.nl . Of course linked to the large webshops, because yes nothing is free, but you already know what the wishes of the person you have drawn are.

To pull straws

Search for nice presents

There are no extra shopping evenings for Sinterklaas this year. Although shopping for hours at a time has something to offer, it is also very relaxed on the couch with your laptop or mobile on your lap. And did you know that you mainly find the best Sint0 and Christmas gifts in the small webshops? Take a look at the Happlify Holidays Gift Guide , you'll probably find something nice for that in the bag. Jewelry also works well as shoe presents and especially as Christmas gifts ;-)

Wrapping gifts

In the shops they wrap gifts in the most beautiful paper with ribbons and glitter. But you can too!! Perhaps the most enjoyable part of gift shopping is wrapping. Below you can see how they wrap your present in the department stores of Japan.


And with a Sinterklaas present comes a poem. Aren't you such a star at that? Don't worry, you can arrange all that online. On Sinterklaasgedichtenmaken.nl you can create a poem in no time at all. Just print and you're done. You can of course also email.

Virtual package evening

It may not be possible with the whole family together, but luckily you can also turn it into a virtual package evening. Video calling can be done in many ways via Zoom , Google Hangouts or Teams. But probably grandma and grandpa don't even have a laptop and they don't understand logging in at all. Don't worry, because did you know that you can also make video calls with multiple people with WhatsApp? And Whereby is also a handy way where you don't have to install anything, just spread a link and you're live!


Tell me, do you celebrate Sinterklaas and what are you going to do?

Author - Hanneke van Doorn
Hanneke is the creator of Happy Hippie jewelry from the HanneHaves brand. She has been making jewelry from her own studio for over 6 years, cheerful happy jewelry with a 'touch of Boho'. Unique jewelry of which only one piece is made. She loves color and especially turquoise, the sun, watermelon and shrimps, Ibiza of course and positive people.

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