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dōTERRA Research Reveals How Dutch Women Relax; smell, music and clothes are mentioned as key elements for creating a relaxed atmosphere

Research into the way women in the Netherlands take time for themselves shows that they like to listen to music 68%, put on comfortable clothes 55% and use scented candles or essential oils 53% to create a relaxed atmosphere. Strikingly, almost nine in ten women take time for themselves when they work from home, but this personal time is shorter than when they work in the office.

Research into moments for yourself

The survey, commissioned by dōTERRA Europe, an integrated health and wellness company and leader in the global essential oil market, surveyed 2,000 women and discovered how they enjoy moments for themselves and what those moments mean. 

“The new world has brought about new ways of living and significant changes in mindset, including how we organize our time and take time for ourselves,” said Isabel Bicanic, director of Europe Central at dōTERRA. “dōTERRA encourages a holistic approach to wellness, including taking time for self-care, which is paramount in our modern world.”

When it comes to taking personal time, 38% of women say they take a moment every day. 24% say they do this several times a week and 9% say they take a moment for themselves monthly or never.

Self-care research

The five most important ways to relax

The five main ways in which people prefer to relax are:

  1. sleep 75%
  2. listening to music 64%
  3. going outside in nature 45%
  4. take a bath 43%
  5. read 41%

68% indicate that scent plays an important role in relaxing. That is why the 24-34 year-old group in particular uses oil or candles: 41%. It is striking that the 55+ generation attaches less importance to scent to relax and no third party of this target group uses oils or candles. 

“It's clear that scent plays an important role in relaxation in women, especially millennials, the generation most aware of self-care and the elements that can contribute to it,” says Bicanic.


Work and relax

While working from home, nine out of ten women say they take a moment for themselves: 46% do this regularly. The research shows that women take less time to relax at home than when they work in the office or when colleagues are nearby: 47% saw a decrease. In fact, 15% of the women surveyed saw a decrease in relaxing moments of an hour or more when they worked from home compared to the office.

Top five ways to relax while working from home

The top five ways women relax while working from home:

  1. social media 49%
  2. Make coffee or tea 48%
  3. Make or listen to music 45%
  4. Take a short walk 39%
  5. (Online) shopping 32%

Drinking coffee

Top five ways women relax while working in the office

When they work in the office, 13% say they don't take time to relax. Women aged 55+ are more likely to continue working: 32 % say they do not take breaks. When people work from the office, they also take less time to enjoy nature.

Walking is common among only 29 % of 45-54 year-olds, compared to 64 % when working from home. The use of calming scents is also less popular in the office: only 6 percent use them when colleagues are around, compared to 28 % who said they use scents at home.

Work and smell

The top five ways women relax while working in the office

  1. social media 37%
  2. Make coffee or tea 37%
  3. Take a short walk 30%
  4. Make or listen to music 24%
  5. (Online) shopping 16%

To walk

Top 10 Ways Women Relax In Their Free Time

When women are not at work, making coffee or tea is no longer in the top five ways to relax. Taking a nap has taken its place. Social media remains the main way women relax.

  1. social media 59%
  2. Make or listen to music 53%
  3. (Online) shopping 47%
  4. To take a nap 47%
  5. Take a short walk 44%
  6. Make coffee or tea 41%
  7. Time for a beauty routine 37%
  8. To play sports 36%
  9. Read 35%
  10. Soothing scents 31%

“A relaxed atmosphere contributes to overall well-being,” says Bicanic. “As women return to the office after the pandemic, they are looking for other ways to relax and need more time to themselves. It's great to see that scent plays a key role in relaxation and that women are using calming scents to relax as part of their holistic self-care routines."

Soothing scents

About the research

The survey was conducted online by Research Without Barriers (RWB). All studies were conducted between September 27, 2021 and September 30, 2021. The sample included 2,005 Dutch women aged 18 and over.

About dōTERRA

dōTERRA Europe is an integrated health and wellness company and a leader in the global essential oil market. dōTERRA collects, tests, manufactures, and distributes CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils and essential oil products to more than five million dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and customers.

Through progressive responsible sourcing, dōTERRA maintains the highest levels of quality, purity and sustainability in partnership with local growers around the world through Cō-Impact Sourcing. The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides resources and resources to global procurement communities and charitable organizations for self-reliance, healthcare, education, sanitation, and the fight against human trafficking. Through the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils, dōTERRA is changing the world one drop, one person, one community at a time. For more information, visit www.doterra.com/EN

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