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Last New Year's Eve we celebrated with dear friends at Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor , located in picturesque Heimbach, directly on the Eifel National Park. With the breathtaking view of the valley and the winding River Rur, this resort offered us the perfect combination of peace, nature and fun. For the adults among us, but also for the teenagers (!)

Whether you are looking for a family getaway, a romantic weekend or an adventure with friends, Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor is a great place for it. Why? You can read it here.

Super nice location, clean and comfortable houses

The resort has several beautifully equipped, comfortable houses and apartments built against a slope. The location gives you a beautiful view and privacy in your own space, complete with modern amenities and an attractive, practical design.

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

My own positives for this resort

What scored positive points for me personally was firstly the location and the houses themselves. The park looks super nice with all those cute houses , it feels a bit like a cozy Smurf village in the middle of nature. And although the houses seem small, appearances can be deceiving, they are super cleverly designed with multiple floors so that we could all stay in them (4 adults and 2 teenagers) with plenty of space.

Another big plus, besides the beautiful surroundings and the fact that it is not far away, is that our house was really clean. Without thinking about diving into a made bed that also sleeps well in a park? That is sometimes different, but here it was perfect.

After New Year's Eve we had made quite a bit of fireworks mess, which we wanted to clean up together the next morning of course. But when we looked out the window in the morning, the evidence was completely gone. As if nothing had happened...

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor

Holiday adventures and (fun) culture

Because it is not very far away (only a 3-hour drive from Utrecht), a midweek during the (spring)holiday , for example, is a good time to go out and enjoy everything the Eifel has to offer. Take a walk through the natural surroundings, discover charming Monschau or venture on an active cycling or mountain bike tour. Within the resort you will also find entertainment if you want, from a swimming pool to a cooking studio, and there are various activities for the (younger) children (we couldn't get the teenagers there without a stick, but that's a completely different story).

A day in Monschau is highly recommended. Strolling through the beautiful streets you will come across the nicest shops. We ended the day nicely with glass blowing ourselves .

Monschau with teenagers

Eifel holiday

Food and convenience

Don't feel like leaving the park? Then you can simply get fresh rolls and croissants early in the morning from the supermarket at the resort. You can eat a German schnitzel in the evening at the Heimbacher Brauhaus and get delicious pizza at Casa Ruscello. Honestly? It was very hot in the restaurants, but if you know that you can dress accordingly. The food was fine.

The resort is not only a great place to stay, but is also appreciated by visitors for its excellent facilities, hospitality and beautiful location. With a rating of 8.5 on Booking.com, it is clear that more guests are having a great experience at Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor.

Active Eifel holiday, all year round

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor is the perfect base for a more active holiday in the Eifel. Located on the Eifel National Park, the resort offers countless opportunities for hiking and cycling routes, swimming in the nearby rivers and lakes, and exploring authentic villages. The Eifel is a beautiful destination for nature lovers all year round. It is currently beautiful white.

Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor winter snow

For a limited time you get a 25% discount

Imagine waking up with a view of the beautiful Rur Valley, enjoying a day full of adventure and relaxation, and ending the day with good food and good company. With the versatility of the Eifel , Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor is suitable for all kinds of holidays. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet in winter, adventure or cultural discoveries in summer, you will find it all here in every season. They currently have a promotion with a 25% discount, so book your Dormio Resort Eifeler Tor holiday today .

Image: own archive and Dormio

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