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Do you go on an annual city trip with your group of friends? Are you the one who has to organize the weekend away this year? Then start preparing for this holiday with your friends in time. You bear a lot of responsibility. If something unexpectedly goes wrong, your friends will immediately look at you.

Before you can enjoy the fun weekend away, you have to take action. You must arrange the following matters in a timely manner.

Book airline tickets & reserve parking space

The first piece of advice is to book your flight tickets in time. This is especially crucial if you are going out with a large group of friends. It is also advisable to immediately reserve a parking space, for example Parking Schiphol . Particularly if you are going away during the high season, you must reserve tickets and parking in time.

It is therefore important to start your preparations on time. Decide in time where exactly you are going. Also decide in time exactly when you will be leaving. Is this all clear? Then it comes to comparing the tickets. A flight from Eindhoven, including Parking Eindhoven Airport , may be cheaper than a flight from Schiphol. Therefore, make the right comparisons. Your friends will undoubtedly be pleased if you save some money with this!

A packing list

If you organize the weekend away, you are the only one who knows exactly what the planning is. Therefore, provide your friends with a handy packing list. A packing list on which you briefly describe everything that is indispensable during the weekend.

You also bear a great responsibility in this area. Is something not on the packing list, even though it is desperately needed? Then your friends are probably not too happy about this. Therefore, start drawing up the packing list for your friends in time.


Discovering a (new) city is of course great fun. You can make this even more fun by organizing fun activities in a timely manner. Naturally, tailor these activities to your group of friends and preferences.

For example, do you enjoy doing active things? Then see if you can book an active cycling tour. Or do you all love wine ? Then see if you can book a wine tasting. The options are actually very diverse in every city.


A weekend away with friends is just about the best thing in the world. Telling each other bad stories, having serious conversations and discovering a beautiful city. What else do you want? To make this weekend even more successful, you need some fun.

This fun is also partly your responsibility. Do you arrange everything well in advance? Then your friends have nothing to complain about. This obviously benefits the atmosphere within the group of friends. Therefore, start arranging the city trip with your group of friends early.

Bonus tip: of course, check the weather forecast regularly. Based on this, you can make timely adjustments to the packing list. You also score points with that!

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