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Business gifts, sometimes you can't avoid them. Whether you're at the helm of a start-up or a business venture, carefully choosing a gift that truly suits the recipient can do wonders for business relationships. It's a great way to show how much you appreciate that someone chooses you.

Finding the perfect gift is quite an art, because promotional gifts simply do not have the best reputation. It should be useful, but also say something about your brand. Take sustainable coffee mugs with a nice quote and subtly your company logo. These come in handy every day. Such a daily reminder of your business can be exactly what you need to stay on your customers' radar. Read on if you are responsible for providing the (really nice) promotional gifts at your work.

What makes a gift a good business gift?

When you buy a gift for someone, you do it to show them that you appreciate that person. With promotional gifts it is slightly different. You also buy this to show that you appreciate the collaboration with this customer, but also to strengthen ties. That's why you have to make sure you give a gift that can be used multiple times, in other words: make sure you give something functional. For example, have coffee cups printed . This gift will certainly be well received because almost everyone who works drinks coffee. Every time they pour a cup, they will think of your company, because your company's logo is on the cup. This way you give the customer a little incentive every time that makes him think of you again and again. If he ever needs something that you can deliver again, your company will still be fresh in his mind. That's what you want and that is the power of a good promotional gift.

What should you never do if you want to give business gifts?

Even though business gifts have been exchanged for many centuries, mistakes are still made that cause companies to break their own windows. The most important lesson is to make sure you personalize your gifts. Therefore, have promotional gifts printed with something that reminds the recipient of your company. If you don't do this, the gift will miss its purpose. Always make sure that the gift reflects what your company stands for and what the recipient's company stands for. You don't want to give plastic trash to a company that is committed to making society more sustainable. The same goes for gifts that serve no purpose. This way you show that you are investing money in things that are not relevant or useful, which detracts from the image of your company. You want to prevent that, so choose efficiency.

Show your customer that he/she is not one of the many

Whatever you give to your relationships, it is important that you let the other party know that he is not just one of your many contacts. So make it personal. This does not have to be done directly with the gift itself, but include a card that you have written especially for this relationship. Your timing is also important. If you know that a company has won an award, or that it has an anniversary coming up, make sure you let us know. The business world may be tough at times, but personal attention and contacts are always appreciated. So make a note of the important dates on your calendar.

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