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You have all kinds of nice furniture in storage that you want to pimp up. And you recently saw a nice video about how you can transform bowls into a beautiful lamp. Not to mention that coat rack you've been saying you've been wanting to make for months. Enough to do! Fun projects that you want to get started with. Unfortunately, you don't have everything at home yet. The basics are missing. In this blog we will help you purchase a stock of suitable tools and materials with which you can carry out all your DIY projects for the time being.

Know what you need

You know how it is, sheds that are stacked with boxes and drawers full of materials and tools. Maybe you have an uncle or neighbor who has a stash similar to this. But the quantity does not always say anything about whether it is actually useful to have in your home. Therefore, write down what you plan to do, what your projects mainly consist of and determine what you need based on that. You don't need expensive machines with all kinds of advanced options for simple jobs. Too many extra functions that you never use only complicate the job. Keep it simple.

Stick with the same brand

As with other product categories, it is nice to stick to one brand for tools. With the rise of cordless tools, it is advantageous to choose a manufacturer. This way you need a battery and charging system, which saves money. For example, invest in a sander and drill from the same brand.

How do you save money?

Purchasing a completely new stock of tools is a significant investment. Keep an eye on the offers around Father's Day and Sinterklaas at the major hardware stores, for example. Do research online and compare prices. Providers are often willing to quote a price that you find cheaper online. It is also useful to become a member of a do-it-yourself store. This way you stay informed about discounts and receive personalized offers.

Pay attention to comfort

You prefer to purchase tools that will last for a long time. An investment that will serve you for years to come. What we often overlook is that it is very important that the tool fits and feels good in the hand. Think of it like buying new shoes. You are not going to walk around in a size that is too small. The same applies to a drill or sander. But smaller objects such as a screwdriver and pliers are also often available in different shapes. With a rubber or plastic handle.

Image: OPPO Find X5 Pro on Unsplash

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