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Rut - we all suffer from it sometimes (even in this crazy year). Imagine: you get up at the same time every day. Just like yesterday, there is a sandwich with peanut butter on your plate. Your outfit also looks suspiciously similar to what you wore the day before. And you can now also dream about the things you do every day. There is nothing wrong with routines in themselves. But I would like to challenge you to try something new today and stay out of that rut. Will you be surprised?

The comfort zone? Get rid of it!

We are often tempted to do what feels safe. Because that is known. We know it works. And we don't have to think about it, which means there's little chance of anything going wrong. So you now know that you can appear at work in your standard outfit. Nothing wrong with that! You also now know that you can handle certain familiar tasks well.

But what would happen if you showed up at work / in a Zoom meeting with your hair in a bright color? Or if you take on a completely different task at work than usual? In other words, what would happen if you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Why not? Manic Panic Semi permanent hair dye Atomic Turquoise Blue .

Try something new - be surprised!

If you always make the same safe choices, you will always get the same result. Doing the same thing over and over will give you few surprises.

Okay, of course it can go both ways when you try something new. Maybe it turns out that oatmeal really can't match your old trusty peanut butter sandwich. And you might make a mistake when you jump into a new task. But it could also be that trying something new will yield a surprising amount.

This way you can be (appropriately) proud once you've done it. Or maybe you discover something new that makes you happy. Or do you get a great new challenge or a wise lesson from it? All things that routine will not bring you.

10 new things to try

That's why I'd like to challenge you: try something new every day this week. You hardly run any risks. Because if it's disappointing, you'll just opt ​​for your usual recipe next time, right?! I would like to inspire you with 10 new things worth trying:

Idea 1 - Make a different lunch for once

Don't opt ​​for your standard sandwiches, but fill your lunch box with all kinds of containers with tasty things. Bread, cucumber, tomato, spreads, toast, fruit – make your lunch a party!

Who wouldn't be happy with a bento box lunch? You can find this beautiful Monbento Tresor bento box bunny and much more here at Roppongi .

Idea 2 - Compliment a stranger

That may feel a bit awkward. But a friendly smile from the other person is 99.9% guaranteed! Speaking of kindness, have you heard of the Spread kindness like confetti download? An A4 sheet with those tear-off flaps like in the old days: looking for a student room or part-time job. Nice and offline. Happiness multiplies when shared. Are you participating?

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Idea 3 - Start something you've been wanting to do for a long time

Sports, anyone ? Or download the Duolingo app and start learning a new language. Or delve into a topic you want to know more about.

Idea 4 - Take a different route

Cycle to your destination in a different way, walk another lap during the break or drive inland instead of on the highway. Who knows, you might discover new places or have fun encounters.

"What I encountered on the way home..."

Idea 5 - Get up an hour earlier

It is not without reason that there are books like Miracle Morning , which advocate starting your morning early. It seems that many people are super productive in the morning. Try it out by setting your alarm an hour earlier. And don't forget to go to bed on time the night before!

Idea 6 - Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while

Your grandmother, for example, or a friend you have lost sight of. That often leads to great conversations.

Idea 7 - Do something on your own

Going to the cinema, having coffee somewhere or going for a walk, for example. Why would you always do those things with someone? Do something alone and discover that you can sometimes be great company yourself.

Idea 8 - Speak to someone you normally never speak to

For example, that one neighbor with whom you have never exchanged a word. Maybe you can help her with something.

Idea 9 - Try a new product

Be surprised by something new from the supermarket shelf. Or make a new recipe that you are curious about. Or try a completely different flavor of ice cream!

Idea 10 - Make a list of 5 things that make you happy every day

Starting a good habit is always a good idea. And we are from this habit at Happlify absolutely a big supporter. It only takes five minutes in the evening, but can give you a lot of positivity.

Need more inspiration to try something new? Then check out this TED talk by Mat Cutts . He took on the (fun) challenge of trying something new every day for 30 days. Inspiration enough!

Experiment and discover!

Will you join in and take up the challenge to try something new? I would say: experiment, discover and be surprised. Because beautiful surprising things come your way if you don't do what you normally do. Have fun! 💛

Romy Veul

The author: Romy Veul

Copywriter, language fanatic, crazy about color and cheerful as often as possible. That's who Romy Veul is in a nutshell. On her blog More often Cheerful she takes you into her positive imaginations. Always with a modest dose of humor and nice colorful photos. Romy's blog posts >

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