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A very long time, but really a very long time ago, you didn't want to be found dead with a BUM PACK! Perhaps your aunt tried it on a river cruise to Germany and there may be a neon pink copy in your attic shamelessly collecting dust... But how is it possible that that unsightly pimple can suddenly appear again ? Chanel was allowed to walk on the catwalk?!

How many years old?

Let's go back in time. Because did you know that the whole fanny pack - that's what the fanny pack is called (just like the frutsel is now a scrunchie) - is perhaps the oldest fashion trend in the world?! The very first bag on the hip is 5,000 years old and found in the Ötzal Alps between Germany and Austria, tied around the body of a mummified Ötzi Iceman. Check the website Primitiveways.com for this. You didn't see that coming did you?!

The eighties

Other civilizations - the Egyptians, the Scots, English knights and probably many others - continue Ötzi's tradition. But in the eighties, the most useful bag ever had its heyday. Usually made of nylon, they were kind of durable, colorful, practical - and most importantly, not chic. The Rock (on the left) loved his faux leather one himself...
Without further ado, the functionality ensured they were quickly adopted by tourists, where the fanny pack was often a hallmark of a well-intentioned but sloppy and sadly tacky outfit. Possessions were carelessly stuffed into the cheap bag that hung unsuspectingly on the butt.

Uncle Karl and the comeback

There's nothing the fashion industry loves more than something that's been written off for years to be christened the next cool thing . So for the fall of 1994, Karl Lagerfeld created fanny packs for Chanel in the house's signature quilted black lambskin. They were called 'belt bags', vintage bags from that collection now change hands for a whopping $4,000

Back to the runway via skaters

After the volatile trend died down, the skateboarding scene in both LA and Tokyo found the bags done again, which was picked up by the Supreme brand. It was the skaters who eventually started wearing the fanny pack cross shoulder and then... the fence was over. This is how the fanny pack found its way back to the catwalk via the skaters. You can read more figures and facts in Vice's article here.

The fanny pack has since been transformed into a serious bag with which you can be seen and available in countless tasteful shapes and colours. The fashion accessory has never been so stylish and the Toho belt bags from Monk & Anna are proof of that.

Monk & Anna - available at Bastaa!

Monk & Anna makes small beautiful collections. Designed with great care and with beautiful unique details. Real Dutch Design. The three creatives behind the brand design and make products in soft earth tones, surprising colors and with different textures. Also a beautiful line of hip bags with the name Toho belt bag, made of PU leather and available at the fine webshop Bastaa! enough! is a wonderful webshop with very nice and unique retro accessories for young and old. You keep clicking, the melancholy overtakes you again and again.

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