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We LOVE sustainable and that's why we started digging with our crew, because there is a lot of sustainable to be found there. Beautiful timeless products that are good for the environment and that you can enjoy for a very long time. That's how we like to see it, are you watching?

1 - Love Notes

Love notes are hot again! And especially now that you may be allowed to go to the office more often. Leave a love note in your partner's lunch box. The booklet contains several pre-filled notes with texts such as; nice dinner tonight? Bite my lips and press your body against me or how about; I still think I'm right. Sorry.... In addition, 50 blank notes have also been added to use your own creativity. The format is comparable to a notebook and the paper has the FSC label. Interior lover - €7.95

2 - Real eye-catchers!

Create your own trendy home accessories with this felt cover S from Houtmoed. Felt in your interior? To do! Take an empty can (for example from green peas or beans) and slide the cover around the can. Finished! You have just turned something that seemed worthless into your most beautiful and cheerful eye-catcher in the house! Felt Cover S is ideal for do-gooders, and for interior junkies who like to incorporate some color into their interior. Available in six fine colours. Wood Courage - €5.95

House of Products Love notes / Love notes
Houtmoed felt cover S

3 - Blossombs Flower Bombs

With this nice set of flower bombs you can create a real sea of flowers and food paradise for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. Throw the Blossombs anywhere you want flowers; in the garden, in a pot on the balcony, a piece of fallow land, a bare roadside or along the ditch. Wait for the rain or water them with a watering can. After a few weeks you, the bees and the butterflies will enjoy the most beautiful, organic flowers! NB! Blossombs may not be thrown into a (protected) nature reserve, because of the existing biodiversity in those areas. maison KOOS - €3.95

4 - Eye-catcher made of pruning wood

Do you want to show your favorite print? This unique clipboard is literally made for it! Place this beautiful clipboard on your sideboard or hang it on the wall between all your other nice frames. A unique, handmade eye-catcher made of pruning wood. The wood of the acacia tree from the forest of SaPeDi itself is given a second life. This beautiful clipboard is suitable for cards and photos on A6 and/or A5 format. Both sides are treated with oil, so that the beautiful grain structure and possible knots remain visible. SaPeDi - €26.50

blossombs - flower bombs - set of 3 Sapedi Beautiful Wooden Clipboard

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    • Nathalie
    • November 10, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    Superleuke tips en ideetjes

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