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You want to be able to fully enjoy the beautiful weather in the coming months. A beautifully designed garden offers you the basis for this. When designing a garden, there are several factors to take into account. For example, you want to have enough space for a garden set or lounge sofa, you want to bring the garden to life with different borders, you want to offer your children space to play with a lawn, and so on. In this article you can read more about how to design the garden at your home in a relaxing way.

Tip: choose a garden set for 4 people with an aluminum frame so you can enjoy it for years to come. In contrast to a completely wooden garden table, the risk of wood rot, for example, is considerably smaller with these models.

Combine a garden set with a pair of lounge chairs

Many gardens have multiple terraces. One terrace is intended as a place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can place a garden table for four, six or even eight people, depending on the available space. Decorate the terrace in an attractive way with an outdoor rug and, for example, a barbecue or complete outdoor kitchen. On the other terrace you have room for a few lounge chairs or, for example, a spacious corner sofa. It is the ideal place to read a nice book or your favorite magazine under the parasol on summer days. Combine buying a lounge chair for the garden at VivaldiXL with the purchase of a matching side table.

Fill the borders with different types of greenery

The introduction to this article already mentioned that you want to have enough space for greenery in the garden in addition to the terrace. The borders with a wide range of shrubs, creepers and annual plants, for example, give the garden color and attract different types of insects. While you enjoy a snack and drink under the parasol, the butterflies and bees swirl and buzz around you. It makes the garden a cozy, relaxing space. Not unimportant is the positive effect this has on biodiversity in your neighborhood!

By combining the borders and terraces in the garden with a lawn, your children also have a place to relax. Unlike a patio, a lawn retains much less heat. An ideal place for children to play! Your pet will also be happy with a lawn in the garden for this reason.

Provide soothing elements in the garden

To turn your garden into a truly relaxing place, consider adding some soothing elements. For example, consider installing a water feature or a small pond. The gentle splashing sound of water has a calming effect and can help reduce stress. In addition, ponds and water features often attract birds, which brings extra life and cheerfulness to your garden.

Place the water feature in a place where you have a good view of it, for example near your lounge corner or next to your favorite sitting spot. This way you can fully enjoy the soothing sound while relaxing in your garden. Combine this with some mood lighting around the water feature for a magical effect in the evenings.

With these extra elements you create a garden that is not only beautiful, but also offers a true oasis of peace.

Image: Unsplash

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