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We love sleeping, cocooning, watching Netflix and all the other things the bedroom is ideal for. Especially now that it's storming, there's almost nothing as nice as curling up in a thick row of pillows, an extra blanket and snacks. To chill like a boss in your bed, here are five great tips for a wonderfully relaxing bedroom. Enjoy!

Tip 1 - Create atmosphere with color

Even though it is usually dark in the bedroom, if you rest there with your eyes open, it is still nice to make it an attractive place. And you can do that relatively easily with a color on the wall. In Happlify your life on page 38 you can read that color has a lot to do with your state of mind. It is not without reason that mint green is painted on the walls in hospitals, the color that is extremely soothing. And red may be the color of love, but it has also been proven that you are more likely to become irritated in a red room. Not such a relaxing color for your chilled bedroom. When it comes to soothing, you can't go wrong with green-blue tones.

Bedroom chill spot

Tip 2 - Maximum blackout for the best night's sleep

Did you know that complete darkness is essential for optimal sleep quality? Our body is programmed to respond to the absence of light by producing the sleep hormone melatonin. This means that the darker your room, the better you sleep. Consider using blackout curtains or shutters to block out street lights and early morning light. This simple adjustment can make a world of difference in how deeply you sleep and how rested you wake up. Do you really want a pitch-black bedroom in your own style? Then the solution is: roller shutters in all colors . Colored roller shutters not only provide the perfect blackout to improve your night's sleep, but can also be a stylish addition to your bedroom.

Tip 3 - Scent 

A good scent in the bedroom goes a long way. Because scents are inextricably linked to our emotions. You can also read much more about this in the Happlify book . If your bedroom has a subtle soothing scent (for example lavender) you will feel more comfortable there. As if the smell signals to your brain: this is the place to rest. You can extend this scent concept to other rooms, giving your home a real experience. For example, give the kitchen an energetic scent such as orange or grapefruit. It's nice to wake up in the morning with breakfast!

Odor in the bedroom

Tip 4 - Invest in a wonderful bed

If you plan to spend more time in bed , make sure you have a good bed. One where you really wake up feeling rested. Nowadays there is a lot of choice when it comes to beds, slatted bases and mattresses. But if you really want to enjoy a good, high-quality bed for a long time, which also looks nice in your room, then it is best to buy a box spring . These are wonderfully sturdy, solid, timeless beds, for years of pleasure. Nowadays, box springs can be put together entirely to your own taste. Top off the bed with extra decorative pillows that match the color theme of the room and a nice, trendy bedspread. This makes it a wonderful place to rest from a long day of work and read a book.

Tip 5 - Read before going to sleep

We cannot ignore it: the last half hour before going to bed is the best time for reading for many people. No crowds around you, just you and the book on your bedside table (and perhaps a sweet partner next to you, who probably also has a nice book to read). Therefore, make sure you always have a book on your bedside table. Another bonus is that you often fall asleep faster after reading a book. In any case, it is a lot better for your eyes and brain than spending the last fifteen minutes scrolling through your phone. So read more. Highly recommended! And not as difficult as you think. Look in your bookcase, choose your most beautiful gem, block a time in your agenda and enjoy!

Did you know that there is a reading lamp that promotes sleep? The lamp filters blue light, which appears to stimulate sleep. Useful! Available via Bol.com - Woodro LED Reading Lamp €21.95

Bonus tip

When you think about chilling, you don't immediately think about rules. However, there is one rule I want to give you: ban phones from the bedroom. Why? I would like to tell you that in the Digital detox .

Long story short

Make that bedroom even cozier and turn it into your own hide-out. This way you can retreat when necessary. Because it is super relaxing that 'the world is opening up again', of course, but especially when everything is allowed again, it is good to keep a balance and seek some peace and quiet every now and then.

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