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There are people who seem born for happiness. You probably know someone who seems like everything she touches turns to gold. She finds that nice holiday spot for almost nothing, gets a promotion with ease, always seems to be fit... The good news is: happiness is really something that you can attract to yourself. And 'Comparison is the thief of joy'... So stop comparing yourself to others and read on to find out how you can increase your own happiness.

Science states that happiness can be divided into these tee pillars:

  • How satisfied you are in general
  • How positive you are in life

These two pillars need each other and together form a kind of never-ending story: if you like your life, you also experience many positive emotions - and vice versa. Good news, because you can influence your own happiness. My happiness book Happlify your life will help you with this for 52 weeks, and in this article you can read 10 smart ways to attract happiness. Let's go!

10 smart ways to attract luck

  1. Expect good things to happen
  2. Take care of your wolf pack
  3. be happy with yourself
  4. Stop complaining
  5. Clean up
  6. Save beautiful memories
  7. Start with fika
  8. Believe in karma
  9. Give
  10. Make a wish list

1 - Expect good things to happen

Suppose you are sitting in a high tree and think: 'Oh, I'm probably going to fall' , then there is a greater chance of that happening than if you think: 'I'll hold on tight and be safely down there' . This has everything to do with a positive mindset. Optimism is nothing magical, but it does keep us moving towards our (life) goals. A negative, pessimistic attitude generally repels the chance for greater happiness. Therefore, try to adopt a growth attitude if you want to be happier in life. Think happy thoughts - and you can train that. (p. 7)

Attract happiness

2 - Take care of your wolf pack

Your wolfpack is the people around you. It defines the group of individuals around you where you find loyalty, love and respect. You feel safe with these people, you feel trusted and protected. Take care of this important group of people, give them attention and show your gratitude. Happiness is largely derived from positive social contact. (p. 76)

3 - Be happy with yourself

Rupaul always ends every Drag Race episode with: 'If you can't love yourself, how the hell can you love somebody else?' Amen! Self-esteem is extremely important for a happy life. If you can say that you are proud of yourself, that you have accepted yourself, including your shortcomings, then this greatly increases your chances of happiness. (p. 144)

Believe in yourself

4 - Stop complaining

Be critical of what goes around in your head and what comes out of your mouth. Try to think and speak positively. You don't always have to blame yourself, but do take responsibility for your actions and don't always shift the blame. The biggest lesson I learned from Zen teachings is that you don't have to judge everything. It's often just the way it is, whether you complain about it or... not. A day without complaining is a very happy day!

5 - Tidy up

A tidy house makes a tidy mind. And a clear head has more room for new, fun thoughts and ideas. As simple as that! In my happiness book you will find week 18 and week 47 dedicated to tidying up and decluttering. Do you find those things difficult? Then look into this carefully, because a messy environment makes you restless and that does not contribute to your feeling of happiness. (page 62 and 138)

Clear head

6 - Keep beautiful memories

There is plenty of room in the Happlify your life book to store your memories. But you are also encouraged to make as many beautiful memories as possible. Our position here at home is that it is better to invest in a nice trip than in nice things. Life is to be lived! (p. 64)

7 - Start with fika

Fika is a social custom in Sweden (and Finland) where you take a break from work or other daily worries at least once or twice. You then drink tea or coffee with something tasty – such as a fresh cinnamon roll , preferably together with others. (p. 88)


8 - Believe in karma

Karma is also called the law of cause and effect. So: every action you do has a consequence for your life. Compare it to a stone that you throw into standing water. The effect of this spreads over the entire water surface. When you understand that this is how everything works, it is no longer a matter of whether or not you believe in karma, it is. Positive actions attract positivity. Negative actions attract negativity. (p. 140)

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9 - Give

Giving makes you happy and the best things you can give are free and priceless at the same time. How about a kind word, compliment, hug, smile or greeting? Don't underestimate the listening ear when it comes to a nice gift. Attention and love is all you need to give. And remember karma ;-) (page 146)

10 - Make a wish list

'I would like to...', if you can finish that sentence then you already have one thing on your wish list. Write down what you want to do someday, make a mood board and hang it in the toilet. This way you are confronted with it every day and there is a greater chance that you will actually do everything you want to do. Because time flies and life is now. (p. 152)

Wishlist for yourself

Do you need a little help?

Feeling happier is something that you can influence and work on. Are you having trouble with that, don't know where to start and could you use help with that? Order my Happlify your life book here and put yourself on the list for more information about the Happlify your life happiness coaching. We are working on this behind the scenes and as soon as it is available, you will be the first to know 👉 REGISTER HERE

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