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Did you know that your fluffy cat friend is more than just a pet? Cats have a special way of showing their love and trust. If you've ever wondered if your cat has really bonded with you, this article is for you. We reveal the ten cutest signs that your cat sees you as their real 'parent'. Because it's possible :)

1. A four-legged shadow

Do you also have such a loving shadow that follows you everywhere? That is a sign of deep affection. Your cat seeks your guidance and hopes for your love and company. Remember, cats can feel lonely too. Cherish their company and appreciate this unique bond.

2. Conversations in cat language

When your cat talks to you with sweet purrs, cute meows and sweet meows, it shows how special you are. Every sound has a meaning, and their purring is a complex language of emotions and connection.

3. Your sleeping buddy

Cats like to sleep close to their trusted humans. It is a sign of security and comfort for them. If your cat likes to snuggle up to you in bed, know that you have a special place in their heart.

4. Knowledge of your routine

Have you ever noticed that your cat knows exactly what your daily routine is? This shows how much attention and care they have for you. You are the center of their universe.

5. TV time is cuddle time

Cats are selective about who they cuddle. If your cat likes to lie on your lap while watching TV, this is a sign of ultimate happiness and contentment.

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6. The belly

Showing their belly is a sign of trust and comfort. It is an invitation to participate in a very special form of communication and connection.

7. Games Champion

If your cat chooses you as their favorite playmate, know that you have won a special place in their heart. Playing strengthens your bond in an incredible way.

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8. The slow wink

Blinking slowly (with both eyes) is an intimate gesture that shows love and affection. It is a special form of communication between you and your cat.

9. Spreading their scent

If your cat rubs their scent on you, cupping them for example, it means they have chosen you as their favorite person. It is a loving way to show that you are special.

10. Morning gifts

Do you ever stumble over a 'present' from your cat in the morning? This hunting instinct and bringing 'prey', (half) dead mice and birds, is a sign of love and the signal that you are part of the family.

Cats enrich our lives in so many ways, it's actually quite a privilege to have this special bond with our fluffy friends. Do not you think?!

Image: Unsplash

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