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2020...what a year. Time for some fun! The weather may really change next week, it is getting dark earlier, the corona figures are already skyrocketing: all reasons to become gloomy. But of course Maaike has the best way to counter that! It's time for a #HappyFall !

Positive challenges? Maaike van Houtmoed invents such things on a daily basis. If anyone can show us how to be and stay positive, it's her. She often designs products that you thought were impossible, and her personality is full of cheerfulness. That's why we like to share her great #HappyAutumn challenge.

Join the #HappyAutumn challenge from Houtmoed . Not only for yourself, because it's a lot of fun to participate, but also to bring something cheerful to someone else's Instagram feed!

How does that work?

With this challenge you provide inspiring autumn photos in your Instagram feed every day throughout October. So it's time from 1 October. With a prompt every day. A prompt means nothing more or less than a word or phrase that serves as inspiration for your message. Thanks to the prompts, you can share a nice photo or image every day that represents that theme for you!

👉 You will find the prompts HERE explained in the blog post on Houtmoed.nl

Maaike has therefore devised a prompt for every day in October. The challenge is to keep it up all month long! And because we do it together, we inspire and motivate each other.

Use #HappyFall

By using this hashtag we can find each other more easily among all the other messages! Great to see how others have filled in the prompt, fun to share the positivity - and last but not least, very nice when you have an uninspired moment. In short: by the hashtag #HappyAutumn to use, we can have fun *together*. And together is just so nice!

For whom?

That's the fun: for everyone with an Instagram account! Everyone can and should participate. And the more souls, the more joy, just as that happiness doubles when you share it. So share this action for as much autumn fun as possible.

Are you in?

  • here find all 30 prompts explained
  • here find frequently asked questions about this challenge
  • here find Houtmoed on Instagram. Following is fun
  • here find Happlify on Instagram. We are also participating and following us is fun too!
  • and... just one more time: Happiness doubles when you share it . So please share this blog post, Facebook post or Instagram post for as much fall fun as possible.

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