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Oh boy, was the summer long and wonderful. But unfortunately we can't ignore it anymore, autumn has really started. And with that there are many days when the rain falls from the sky. But luckily that also offers a lot of opportunities to do fun things indoors! I have listed the best tips for you:

Tip 1 - Send a card

    Now that we cannot see each other physically, it is very nice to keep in touch with each other in other ways. You can of course send a text or call someone, but how nice is it if you surprise find a handwritten card on your doorstep?! So grab a whole stack of greeting cards and write a sweet message on them for your family and friends. You can also brighten up the cards even more by using stamps and washi tape, so that they really are a joy to receive! All you have to do is find a dry moment to walk to the mailbox. Here you will find a nice selection of cards!

    Tip 2 - Bake a cake

    Wet autumn days are ideal for baking a delicious cake. It's an incredibly relaxing activity and as a bonus it makes your house smell wonderful! Choose recipes with lots of spices such as cinnamon for that real autumn feeling. For example, this carrot cake to die for is a delicious recipe to try.

    And after baking, there is of course no other option than to taste a piece. Add a cup of tea and let the enjoyment begin.

    Tip 3 - Do go outside

    Do you remember how, as a child, you couldn't wait to go outside during a rain shower and splash in the puddles in your rain boots? Why should that no longer be allowed when you are an adult? So put on those boots and unleash your inner child! And as soon as you come in you can put on your pajamas nice and warm and have another piece of that carrot cake. A real win-win situation! Don't forget the Fall bucket list .

    At Bella Giornata you can now order a very nice Outdoor Fun Package . With the natural products from Idea Toscana you protect lips and hands against dehydration now that it is getting colder outside. You will also receive a sustainable Tupperware sports bottle and a nice mushroom hunting card. End your sporty day with the wonderful shower gel from Idea Toscana. Sounds like a plan right?! Outdoor Fun Package - temporarily available at Bella Giornata - €45

    Tip 4 - Have a craft afternoon

    DIY projects are a lot of fun to do, but it is also often something that you do not get time to do due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That's what those endless rainy days are perfect for. Pull out all your craft supplies and unleash all the creativity you have within you. You will completely relax and at the end you will also have your own creation in your hands.

    Moreover, handmade items also make great gifts. Make sure you stock up for the holidays. That will save you a lot of Christmas stress.

    Need some DIY inspiration? Check out this blog post by Rinske from iMAKIN and on Pinterest you will find a lot of great ideas and examples! Search for ' autumn DIY '.

    Tip 5 - Get the board games out of the closet

    Do you have roommates? Then it's great fun to have an old-fashioned games afternoon together. Now that we all spend whole days on our phones or behind the games console, we almost forget how fun board games really are. So dust off the Goose Board box and make sure that your fellow players all end up in that pit. Can you leisurely hobble along to the finish? The question is whether your housemates will still want to live in the same house with you afterward, but hey, you'll see about that later. You can order People Worse You Not via Bol.com - €14.09

    No roommates nearby? A jigsaw puzzle is also great to do! How about a 1000 piece Puzzle 'Black Hell' - €24.90 👹

    What do you prefer to do when it rains?

    Let us know in a comment below. Whatever you do, these tips will help you get through those drizzly days!

    The author - Rinske Claus

    Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Crazy goat (gives humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat and loves pizza. Rinske's blog posts >

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