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No one will soon forget the 2019/2020 school year. For more than ten weeks, the children were taught remotely. Teachers and masters put together an alternative curriculum, in which parents and supervisors helped the children as best as possible. That was sometimes quite a challenge between the many work agreements.

In two weeks the first region will have a holiday and we will close this special school year. Many schools are not organizing a big farewell this year, but it is of course nice to thank the teachers, especially now. Here are five great tips for you!

Tip 1 – All the colors of the rainbow

Do you have time to get started yourself? Then this is a nice way to thank your teacher or teacher, with a big pot of M&M's. You give each color a description and you quickly make it something personal.


  • a glass jar with a lid
  • markers and a pen
  • big bag of M&M's
  • decoration and packaging: label, card and ribbon

How to

  • Fill the jar with M&Ms and let your son or daughter decorate the lid and label
  • Make 5 dots on the card that match the colors of the M&M's
  • Write a reason behind each color for which you thank the teacher.
  • Have your son or daughter write his or her own name on the card and tie it with a ribbon
  • Optionally, you can still wrap the glass jar with cellophane and confetti

Tip 2 – Give a beautiful, sustainable bag

The teacher never has enough linen bags. MIEKinvorm designed a beige and black variant. With nice big handles and nice print. Super fun to give as a gift to the teacher! Also very suitable to give as a promotional gift for all teachers at school, but also very nice to buy for yourself if you are a teacher ;) Which color do you prefer? The beige Juf bag or the black Juf bag .

Tip 3 - Tea or coffee

Is the teacher a real tea drinker? Or does the master drink ten cups of coffee during the day? Then a set of tea or coffee spoons with the text Thank you teacher or Thank you master is a great idea. With this template , your son or daughter can decorate a few more tea bags.

Tip 4 – Lucky pendant

With this Lucky neko, a Japanese lucky charm, you wish someone good luck. This handmade porcelain lucky cat symbolizes thanks . The lucky charm reminds you of what you need most. Just think about the message every now and then, that is often more than enough. Give this sweet lucky kitten as a thank you to the teacher instead of a greeting card. Success guaranteed!

Author - Sandra from Applepiepieces
Sandra comes from the book world and has been living in beautiful Uithoorn for some time now. Her heart is in the story of things. The meaning of what you carry as jewelry or accessory. Her mission is to spread as much feel good as possible with Applepiepieces. This makes his Happlify Crew of the first hour!

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