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In the world of jewelry and symbolism, the sun and moon have a special place. MOM Gemstone turned it into the Sun and Moon necklace . And together with Ethiopian opal, this is a very special piece of jewelry. Read on...

Sun and moon: a heavenly dance

This classic duo on this necklace has symbolized opposites in harmony for centuries, such as light and dark, day and night. The sun, as a radiant source of light, represents strength, energy and vitality. On the other side is the moon, a soothing celestial body often associated with intuition, mystery and the cycle of life.

MOM Gemstone Necklaces

Ethiopian opal: a source of positivity

The gemstones used on this necklace give the whole a little more charge. Ethiopian opal, with its cheerful and optimistic qualities, adds an extra layer to the symbolism. This stone is known for stimulating zest for life, spontaneity and creativity. By wearing it, the necklace becomes not only a visual feast, but also a talisman of positive energy.

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Made and packaged with care and love

The handmade Sun and Moon necklace comes in a MOM gemstone jewelry box, carefully packaged and ready to reveal its magic. Every detail, from the clasp to the extension chain, demonstrates the commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Participate and have a chance!

Great news for you, because we can raffle this big favorite, the Sun and Moon necklace! You can choose whether you go for the silver or gold-plated variant, how nice is that?! Can't wait? I also understand, order your own symbol necklace directly here . Fill in and participate!

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