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Did this beautiful necklace immediately catch your eye? Then participate and have a chance to win an exclusive Wishbox necklace from Saitee , worth €39.95. This unique necklace is not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe, but also carries a special meaning thanks to the powerful amethyst gemstone. Read on and discover how you can win this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The enchanting Wishbox necklace

The Wishbox necklace from Saitee is a real eye-catcher. The necklace combines effortlessly with various outfits, from a casual t-shirt to a classic white blouse. This necklace that we are giving away features a beautiful amethyst stone, known for its protective and purifying properties. But there are also Saitee Wishbox necklaces with freshwater pearls, turquoise and red bamboo coral.

What makes the Wishbox necklace extra special is its exclusivity; This is available in a limited edition, so it's gone = gone! The chain has a total length of 47cm, but can be adjusted to your preference.

Saitee: your jewelry heaven

Happlify Crew Member Saitee is not just a jewelry brand; it is a place where creativity and love for jewelry come together. Founded by Sijtje in the picturesque Warmenhuizen, Saitee has developed into a well-known name in handmade jewelry. Whether you are looking for a unique necklace or a personal bracelet set, you will always find it at Saitee.

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