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Once you've found LoveforRain , rainy days are no longer synonymous with a style crisis. With the latest collection of Rainraps that you can order there, you will not only stay dry, but you will also be stylish in no time, regardless of the capricious weather! Moreover, the Rainrap easily folds into a bag of 25 x 19 cm that you can always put in your bag. Useful!

Rainrap: stay dry in style


The Rainrap is functionality combined with style. This innovative raincoat, which resembles an oversized scarf or cape, is made of high-quality water-repellent materials. You simply throw it over your shoulders and attach it, which not only keeps you dry, but also looks quite chic.

What makes this raincoat extra special is that you can wear it on both sides. Nice: this way you actually have two coats in one and you decide which side you will use that day when you put it on.

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