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In a world where children's screen time is only increasing, Max & Mila Media offers you a welcome change. With a heart for children and a passion for creating unforgettable memories, Happlify Crew Member Max & Mila introduces a range of products that inspire you and your children to spend time together, far away from the digital world.

Dive into the world of Max & Mila

At Max & Mila, creating beautiful, tangible memories is central. In an era dominated by digital devices, Max & Mila offers a breather by introducing decorative wall plaques with fairy tale and nursery rhyme themes . These unique plates, specially designed by Mause Photography for Max & Mila, are not only a feast for the eyes but also promote interaction between you and your child.

These wall pictures are more than just decoration; they are a means to stimulate imagination, stimulate development and create educational moments. Each design has been carefully thought out to bridge the gap between play and learning, and to revive the nostalgic values ​​of fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Here you see, for example , The Ugly Duckling depicted and The Bremen town musicians and there are 10 more beautiful wall pictures from which you can choose.

Bremen town musicians

Creating memories together

Creating memories together is central. The products are designed to encourage families to spend time together, share stories and enjoy each other's company. It's about creating moments that kids will remember long after the screens have turned off.

Max & Mila invites you to participate in this movement, to put the digital devices aside and return to the basics of being together. By reading, learning and laughing together, we build a foundation of love and connection that goes beyond the digital age.

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