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Do you remember those carefree days of your youth, when the world was one big adventure playground and the smell of freshly cut grass stimulated your senses? Those days when you could laze endlessly in the open air, surrounded by the simple beauty of nature? The daisy, that sweet, timeless flower, is interwoven with these beautiful memories. It is a symbol of childhood fun, of days spent in the sunlit fields, and of making flower wreaths that seemed to slow down time.

Moniek from Happlify Crew Studio Lanterfant has transformed this nostalgia into beautiful jewelry - including the Daisies earrings that you will find in the special Art Botanico collection. These earrings are more than just accessories; they carry the story of childhood adventures and the beauty of nature. We LOVE it!

Daisy, the flower of the Netherlands

The idea of ​​designing this special flower as an earring was inevitable for designer Moniek. The daisy, with its timeless appeal, deserves a place close to our hearts and ears. And to top it all off, the daisy was recently declared the national flower of the Netherlands - a tribute to its significance and charm. Studio Lanterfant seemed to be able to see into the future, as it were, and now you can carry this meaningful flower with you forever.

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Also a sustainable choice - In addition to the beautiful modular design, the Daisies earrings also have an ecological value. They are made from recycled acrylic. In addition, the stainless steel earrings are especially suitable for people with a nickel allergy.

Sweet gift - The earrings come in an elegant Studio Lanterfant gift box jewelry care instructions . So whether you buy them for yourself or want to surprise that one dear (childhood) friend, the Daisies earrings are the perfect gift.

To have? Order your own Studio Lanterfant Daisies worth €35 here or participate in our competition. We can give away a few of these magical bells. Fill in and participate!

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