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Are you looking for ways to transform your garden into an attractive residential garden this spring? A residential garden is a functional and attractive outdoor space intended to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of a home and that can be used for various activities. In this blog post we give five simple tips to quickly transform your garden into a residential garden where you can enjoy the outdoors!

What is a residential garden?

A residential garden is a garden that is designed and furnished as an extension of a home. It is an outdoor space intended to be used as a living space and where people can relax, eat, play and engage in social activities. A residential garden can contain various elements, such as lawns, flower beds, terraces, pergolas, garden furniture, lighting and water features. The purpose of a residential garden is to create an attractive and functional outdoor space where people can enjoy the outdoors while enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of their home.

How did the term residential garden come about?

The term 'residential garden' is relatively new and originated during the 20th century, when people began to look for ways to integrate their garden into their daily lives and their home as a whole. Before that time, gardens were primarily for decoration and to grow food, and were not considered an extension of the home.

Residential garden and vegetable garden

In the 1930s, modern garden architecture began to emerge, with designers such as Gertrude Jekyll and Vita Sackville-West focusing on creating gardens that were both beautiful and functional, and that blended the house and surrounding nature seamlessly. connected together. In the decades that followed, garden architecture continued to evolve and gardens were increasingly designed as an extension of the house, with great attention paid to aspects such as privacy, comfort and functionality.

Nowadays, the residential garden has become a widely used concept in the world of garden architecture and design, and is considered an important part of contemporary living.

Tip 1 - Create seating areas

One of the most important aspects of a residential garden is creating comfortable seating areas. For example, place a lounge set, a hammock or a picnic table in the garden. Provide sufficient shade with a parasol, pergola or shade cloth. With comfortable chairs and tables you create the perfect environment to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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Tip 2 - Add plants

A residential garden cannot exist without plants! Plants provide color, atmosphere and oxygen in the garden. Choose plants that match the style of your home and that thrive in the conditions in your garden. For example, place colorful flowers or climbing plants against the wall. With plants you create a relaxed atmosphere and make the garden even more attractive.

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Tip 3 - Create a vegetable garden

If you have space, create a vegetable garden where you can grow vegetables and herbs. This ensures a healthy and sustainable addition to your outdoor space. For example, choose a raised vegetable garden box or a vertical garden. With a vegetable garden you not only add greenery to your garden, but you can also enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs from your own garden.
Extra tip : make the containers from sturdy wood such as oak , which can be used both indoors and outdoors and lasts a very long time.

Tip 4 - Use lighting

Lighting can make the garden attractive and ensure that you can sit comfortably in the evening. For example, place lanterns, candles or strings of lights. With good lighting you create a cozy atmosphere in the garden and you can also enjoy the outdoors in the evening.

This LED light chain from Homèlle is ideal for outdoors, creates a beautiful atmosphere in the evening and can be hung outside for years (handy!).

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Tip 5 - Keep it tidy

Ensure a tidy and well-maintained garden. Remove weeds, prune shrubs and trees and use planters or flower boxes to keep the garden organized. A tidy garden provides peace and overview and makes the garden even more attractive.

In addition to examining your garden, also take a critical look at your house. This can be greatly improved with a simple cleaning. You can achieve an easy-to-clean facade with the right tools.

Long story short, with these five simple tips you can quickly transform your garden into a cozy place where you can enjoy the outdoors next summer. What a wonderful prospect!

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