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What could be more fun than jumping on a bouncy castle, playing in the ball pit and sitting in a life-size grabbing machine from the fair? This is all possible at Wondr in Amsterdam. The pastel pink building is unmissable and when you enter it, the real world disappears for a moment and you imagine yourself in a pink world, because there is also a lot of pink on the inside.

Roller skating fun

First we will take a look at the roller skating hall. It's been a while since I did that. There is cheerful disco music and the room has a turntable, palm trees, clouds hanging from the ceiling and many mirrors to look at your own roller skating skills. Fun for young and old and if you want to cool off there is a bar with delicious pink donuts and refreshing drinks. Roller skating was still going well for me and perhaps that is a reason to take it up again.

Ooh, does disco make you nostalgic for the past? You can now also rent a Silent disco , isn't that cool?!

Wondr roller skate

Playground for adults but also for children

After roller skating we will experience the experience. You can take photos yourself, but there are also cameras in various rooms where you can also take photos using the QR code you have received. We first enter a room with a round box with life-size teddy bears that you can lie comfortably in between. The wall also has a lot of teddy bears on it and is great to cuddle. Further on, there are telephones hanging from the ceiling and you can imagine yourself in the glitz and glamour. The silent disco, jumping on a bouncy castle and dreaming away on a large swing, it's all possible here. There are various employees walking around to take photos of you for the best memories. When I saw the bath of bacon I immediately wanted to eat one, because they look so real. But unfortunately I'll have to take a dip in it. And that was also possible in the ball pit. It's wonderful to feel like a kid again when you're already an adult, but it's also a super fun experience to do with your children. Luckily we still have the photos, because at the end of all this fun you can look at your photos and they are sometimes hilarious.

Wonderful bacon bath

Cool down a bit

In Pink Beach everything is pink as the name suggests. Even the sand on the beach is pink. Here you can enjoy a delicious cocktail or other fresh drink after all the playing. The cocktails have great names like Pina Koala, Flamingo Mule, Disco Fever and Unicorn Potion. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, so they are also delicious for young and old. There is also a ball pit here, so while you are enjoying your drink, the children can take a dip in the ball pit.

Wonder cocktails

Kids time

A great day out to imagine yourself in a different world and, as an adult, to feel like a child again and to give your children an unforgettable day.

It is kids time every day between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM and all areas are specially designed for children. Take a look at WONDR Experience - experience the art of play and surprise your children with a fun day out.

Tessa Dry

Author - Tessa Droge
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