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Some people become very enthusiastic about autumn: bring on the chocolate milk, the movie nights and the autumnal walks. The other has a little more difficulty with the shorter days and the chilly autumn wind. How do you avoid ending up in the well-known autumn blues? These are 9 tips to get through this (also very strange) year without the autumn blues.

Anti-autumn dip tip 1 - Be surprised

Fortunately, the sun does not completely disappear in the autumn. If all goes well, there will still be plenty of moments when we will be treated to a sun-drenched Indian Summer. Just not at seven o'clock in the evening, of course, when it's dark. Therefore, try go outside during the day to go. This way you can catch some rays of sunshine. Sunlight is good for your vitamin D levels and can help prevent a dip. An extra plus is of course that you can immediately catch a glimpse of the beautiful autumn landscape.

Indian summer autumn

Anti-autumn blues tip 2 - Give yourself moments of rest

It may be true that you have less energy in the fall than in the middle of summer. Don't force yourself to exercise, work and go out just as enthusiastically as in the summer. You're welcome curl up under your plaid for an evening with a cup of tea (or hot chocolate ) in your hand. Give yourself that rest so that you can recharge sufficiently.

💡 Extra tip : Are you unable to take a moment to think about what you prefer to do every day; enjoying nature and caring for plants. Would you actually like to do everything you do with more attention? Then the Paper Time Green Planner is really something for you! Make a note of which birds, flowers and plants you see, what time the sun rises and sets and enjoy living in the now. Complete your 'sense of going green' with the notebook with beautiful botanical drawing and the Doodle block for quick notes. Completely complete in this wonderful autumn package. This special autumn package can be ordered from Paper Time for €37.50

Paper time autumn package

Anti-autumn dip tip 3 - Ensure an attractive home

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, you probably spend more time between four walls. That's why it's nice if your house feels like a home. Therefore, spend a little more time in the autumn on the atmosphere in your home. Treat yourself beautiful home accessories , buy a pair new candles or make something nice for your home. Do you dare to take a more adventurous approach? Then go for a completely new color on the wall.

A nice home is the basis for a nice life – even in the autumn. I learned that from the book Hygge. The Swedes should know, because they have proven to be very happy, while autumn and winter are much longer in Sweden than in the Netherlands. The Hygge book is available via Bol.com for €20.99

💡 Also read this blog post: Hygge is here to stay

Hygge is here to stay!

Anti-autumn dip tip 4 - Think of fun indoor activities

Once you have turned your house into an attractive place, that is of course a great reason to stay indoors (except for the occasional autumn walk). Therefore, suppose a list of fun indoor activities that you want to do this fall. Think of movies you want to watch, recipes you want to try or board games you like to play. Fun fall activities will help keep you from getting bored on a rainy fall day.

My tips for games for autumn? Dixit is a really fun game to play with your family - Dixit is available via Bol.com for €27.95 . Patchwork is great for two people (more people are also possible!).

Board game Dixit

Anti-autumn dip tip 5 - Create a reading list

If there's one hobby that's perfect for fall, it's reading books. You probably still have a stack of books in which you haven't gotten further than the blurb so far. Set yourself a goal for X number of books you want to read this fall. For example, take fifteen minutes every evening curl up on the couch with a book . There's no better way to clear your mind than by completely losing yourself in a good story.

How about this book: Now I See You by Merlijn Kamerling? Ten years after the death of Antonie Kamerling, his son Merlijn searches for a more complete picture of his father, in everything he left behind. The book can be ordered from Bol.com for €20.

Anti-autumn dip tip 6 - Start with a fall project

What always gives me fresh energy? Starting something new! Are you like me and do you regularly have a flood of ideas in your head that you never actually implement? Make a list of all the things you "want to do someday" and choose one thing from it that you will focus on this fall. For example, writing your first book , a photography challenge, visiting a new place in the Netherlands every weekend or perhaps learning a language or taking up a new hobby. Such a fun challenge for yourself can bring you just that little bit of extra positivity. Take a look at the DIY packages & how-to category where you will find, among other things, the Kore flowers from Jurianne Matter, which can be ordered from maison KOOS for €14.25

Kore flowers - Jurianne Matter

Anti-autumn dip tip 7 - Take good care of yourself

Especially if you are sensitive to the shorter days, it is very important to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy, sleep enough , and take the time to take good care of your skin and hair, for example. Apply a nice cream regularly, take an extensive shower and also let us know if you don't feel like doing something. Feeling good starts with taking good care of your body and mind.

💡 Extra tip : Treat yourself with a delicious cup of tea. Orange Boost Tea Set from Tea Dimensions contains, in addition to orange, peels of other citrus fruits and a little ginger. A fruity, fresh tea that immediately gives you a positive boost. Bella Giornata temporarily has this Orange Boost Tea Set that you can order there for €16.95 . When the tea has run out, you can refill the preserving jar with this tea or use it for something else.

Orange Boost Tea Set - Tea Dimensions

Anti-autumn dip tip 8 - Wear nice autumn clothes

My experience is that a nice outfit can do a lot for your mood. Even though on a drizzly autumn day you might be tempted to... pajamas all day , put yourself in a nice outfit . Not for anyone else, but because it often makes you feel better. Just try it out!

Are you looking for cheerful slippers that match your outfit? Then we recommend this delicious one warm fair trade slippers from Esgii warmly recommend! In our opinion, also the best work-from-home slippers of 2020! Available in many different colors, there is bound to be a color for you. Watch .

Anti-autumn dip tip 8 - Reminisce about summer memories

The nice thing about the seasons in the Netherlands is that they always come and go. Before you know it it will be spring or summer again. You can also keep the memories of the summer alive. Scroll through your holiday photos again or make a beautiful holiday booklet (a nice procrastination job to do!). Or Relive your most beautiful summer memories , for example by baking marshmallows in the garden under a thick blanket. Or by taking a walk on the beach in the fall. This way you just extend the summer a little. Oops, autumn blues!

Look what we found at Something beautiful for you, a Sterling silver photo locket. You can of course carry the photos of your loved ones in it, but what about your summer memories?! This is available at Something beautiful for you - €69.95

🍂 Tell me, what is your ultimate tip against an autumn blues?
(Ha, that rhymes!)

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