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Things just got REAL. Because in 2022, the average Dutch person spent 40 days on social media . Spent 1.5 months on... yes on what?! Just imagine if you could halve that... How much time would you have left for real connection, more creativity and beautiful memories. Because that's what happens when you're not online. In fact, one week less social media already reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. (source: University of Bath | Newcom )

This week I was interviewed again by EditieNL about quitting social media and what it brings you. I can tell you a lot in advance. Since November 14, 2018, I have drastically reduced my social media use and I am still very happy with that. Read and see more about this here . You can read the interview here: We want to quit social media, but we don't: 'It's like an addiction' .

How digitally addicted are you?

Is your mobile phone always within reach? Don't you dare check your screen time? Can you actually live without it... With 9 short questions you can easily find out whether you have a digital addiction. Click here and you will know .

How digitally addicted are you? - test

Are you looking for inspiration?

Then be sure to watch these short films, documentaries and feature films. You will find this and much more in the Digital detox .

1 - Living the Instagram lie

Be very honest with yourself: "Are you living an Instagram lie?" Let me start: I do, which is why you see relatively few photos of myself on our business Instagram account (and certainly none in private). Because when you see them, it is accidentally one that I (according to myself) like. With video on Instagram I often use a filter and if my bags are too big, forget it... So yes, I live that Instagram lie a bit. And if you watch the video below, you might recognize yourself in something.

2 - The Social Dilemma

"Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma is chilling and a must see," I read on Elle.com and that is honestly not an exaggeration... Social media is addictive, causes us health problems and is a danger to democracy. In the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, former employees of Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube, among others, sound the alarm. Not news, but shocking to have it explained so clearly. Social media is a great place for connection and as a small(er) entrepreneur you can easily become visible. But it also has a very dark side that we cannot ignore. It is (made) heavily addictive and as a user you are exposed to manipulation...

3 - The Great Hack

IS social media really so um... 'bad'?! Well, if you still have any doubts, I invite you to watch this Netflix documentary: The Great Hack. Watch and discover how the data company Cambridge Analytica became a symbol for the dark side of social media in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election... Watch the trailer here. An eye opener.

Do you also want more time and less fomo?

Do you also want to at least halve your time on social media? Then do the Digital detox as so many did before you. This will certainly work! Because the Digital Detox immediately provides:

  • more peace in your head
  • less stress, anxiety and depression
  • you tackle your digital life on a personal level
  • it gives you more time that you can spend on much more important things

Digital detox

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