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Picnicking is one of the best memory makers of the summer. If you prepare it well, you can make it a day you will never forget. I speak from experience; My own childhood memories store a perfect picnic that becomes more and more beautiful with age.

On a beautiful September summer day where the light turns golden in the afternoon, I remember a dike with long grass and a red-white checkered cloth. I don't think I was older than five and together with my parents and favorite aunt and uncle (the one with the beard and pipe) we must have been somewhere in the South Beveland pocket. My mother is always a star at such things; tasty snacks, cheeses and snacks. There was certainly a mint green Tupperware box full of red currants, gooseberries (called popberries in Zeeland), chicken wings and perhaps also a bag of fresh boluses from Jan de bakker. But whatever was in the picnic basket, what I remember most is the fun of that day and the golden light through the long grass.

That's why for me something like a picnic equals making beautiful memories. 💛 There's nothing better than enjoying a beautiful, long summer day with the people you love, without any worries. Here are some useful tips for you for your own best picnic ever!

1 - First things first: the Essentials for a nice picnic

  • a picnic basket or large, sturdy bag
  • a cool bag (see below)
  • to eat
  • drinks
  • picnic blanket , blanket or large beach towel
  • games
  • paper napkins
  • cutlery, cups and plates
  • garbage bag and some moist hygienic wipes
  • the perfect location

At Bastaa! you will find everything for a cheerful picnic

Webshop Bastaa! has so much fun to bring that cozy retro atmosphere into your home. You can also go here for a cheerful picnic. Take the Rex London cool bag €15.95 (nice price too) and the matching Rex London snack boxes €8.95 . Be sure to click through for more fun, you'll definitely succeed!

Rex London apples

2 - Keep it simple

Keep in mind that a picnic should be relaxed and somewhat spontaneous. Better to chill at the water's edge with one watermelon and a knife, than load half the kitchen contents into your cart and return home to a crying family covered in ant bites

3 - Picnic food

So you can make it as crazy as you want... Jamie obviously knows what to do with a picnic, here you will find some of his picnic recipes . But it can also be simpler, here is an inspiration list with tasty, easy and not too difficult picnic food:

  • quiche - bought or made and cooled!
  • really crispy French baguette - you can tear off pieces yourself
  • homemade hummus - doesn't melt like butter
  • Greek salad - nice and fresh and hearty
  • watermelon - from the refrigerator it immediately functions as a cooling element
  • summer fruit salad - everyone likes it
  • piggies in a blanket - for the kids
  • a container with cucumber slices

    4 - BYOB

    If you are meeting with several people, you can propose a BYOB picnic. BYOB stands for bring your own booz , or in this case: bring something nice to eat and drink. You put some cloths and towels together, display what you brought with you and you're done. I can also tell from my own experience that this works well. We do this occasionally with some friends + kids and then it is super easy. The best time was on a quiet stretch of beach with unexpectedly great weather. Another day out of thousands. Everyone had children of a different age and with a BYOB picnic you always have something with you that your own child will find something to enjoy.

    5 - Location, location, location

    Earlier I indicated that the location of your picnic is very important. Do you have a good garden, terrace or balcony? Search no further! But... have you seen that garden or do you simply not have a place? Hear me out.

    The beach is a nice picnic spot provided there is not too much wind, it is not too busy and there is just nice sunshine. With a ball, a shovel and a pair of swimming trunks you can go a long way in terms of fun and if you have dirty hands, they will be clean again in no time in the sea.

    A dike, meadow, park, forest or other nature reserve is great for Instagram, but first check whether it is not private property. Also look carefully for turds and insects. If that's all right, drop that burden and enjoy!

    6 - Watch out for ticks (and other critters)

    I don't want to discourage you, but insects can really help your picnic to the Philistines. So look carefully where you put your rug, preferably not under that tree with that strange paper bag - aka wasp nest. The location is really key . If you don't want to 'eat on the ground' anyway, look for a place where you can find picnic tables. Because dragging around clumsy folding chairs and a table... that should not be the intention when picnicking. Better safe than sorry with the Heltiq Stitches and Bites Set .

    7 - Keep it clean

    Wherever you picnic and whatever you do, leave the scene tidy. We have a surfing rule here at Scheveningen for when you go swimming/surfing: always take 3 pieces of waste with you from the sea or from the beach to throw away. Maybe you can take the surfing rule with you on a picnic. A good habit: clean up your own mess and perhaps leave the place even better than how you found it.

    Do you have any nice tips?

    So, let that Indian summer come... Do you have a good picnic tip of your own? Leave it below in the comments!

    Mariko Naber

    The author: Mariko Naber

    Branding expert and online entrepreneur Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark, she runs Happlify, Sell your stuff online and branding agency Loaded ink BNO . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, sea, piña colada, sugar & spice and everything nice.

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      • Esther
      • May 30, 2023 at 3:49 pm

      In de zomer ga ik ook graag picknicken met vriendinnen in het bos. Het is inderdaad belangrijk om de juiste etenswaren en hapjes mee te nemen. Ook neem ik altijd een koeltas mee om mijn spullen in te bewaren. https://boschwachter.nl/dineren-in-het-mastbos

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