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Now that it is really summer in the Netherlands, a garden in which your children can play and romp is ideal. So that you can also do your own thing. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to make your garden child-friendly. For example, consider whether you want grass or artificial grass , or whether a sandbox would be a good addition. And what else should you take into account and consider? We have listed the most important aspects for you.

Provide a soft surface

A safe playing environment for children in the garden starts with a nice surface. To ensure that children can play safely, it is important to choose materials that provide a soft landing in the event of a fall. So that if your child steps or falls from a swing, there is not too much chance of really hurting himself. Choose rubber tiles or crash mats under swings and climbing equipment. Please note that dark rubber tiles can become very warm in full sun. So go for a light version! A lawn of either real grass or artificial grass also offers good cushioning and can absorb falls. Wood chips are also an option. See what fits best in your garden.

Ensure as few risks as possible

Many gardens have risky locations, such as a location next to a busy road. Provide good fencing that ensures that children do not accidentally go out on their own. There are all kinds of fences available in various styles and sizes, so you can always find something that suits the appearance of your garden. In addition to a fence, you can opt for a green hedge, a wooden or aluminum wall, a beautiful fence or a willow fence. For a child-friendly garden with water features such as ponds, spas or swimming pools, it is important that children who cannot swim cannot access them. Place a wall, a fence or ensure that the water is inaccessible with a roof. If this is not possible, an alarm system, specially designed for gardens with water features, can be used to ensure that children cannot get close to water unnoticed.

Create enough shade

In the summer, temperatures can rise quite a bit, even in the Netherlands. It is very important for children that they can play in the shade when it gets too hot. If you want to make your garden child-friendly, it is therefore important to create sufficient shady areas. See if you can add more shade by placing plants, trees and playhouses, for example. This way they can play outside safely and comfortably without being exposed to direct sunlight.

With a child-friendly garden you ensure that your children can play safely and carefree, while you can do your own thing. Start with a soft surface such as grass, artificial grass or rubber tiles to cushion falls. Minimize risks by installing good fencing and making water features inaccessible to non-swimmers. Don't forget to create enough shady areas with the help of trees, plants or playhouses, so that children can play outside safely even on hot days. With these tips your garden will become an ideal play area for the little ones!

Image: Holly Landkammer on Unsplash

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