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When I became a mother, I had no idea what to expect on all fronts. You can read up so well, think that life won't change, that you're going to do it all differently... But every day is a surprise and you start to look a lot like your mother.

On the day of birth, the 'Mother door' opens, leading to a new completely unknown world with thousands of other new doors behind it. Behind one of these doors hides a brand new endless fantasy world. Not yours, but your kid's and you can hang out in it. Do that! Because the time you have there is of (far too) short duration. The moment the tooth fairy is brutally exposed, the grass is no longer very green. The beauty of this fantasy is that everything is possible and everything can be discussed. This greatly strengthens the bond with your child.

The purple knight had very big...

Plunging in a bath full of foam, Mini hangs with a cup of limo in one hand and a wedge of apple with cinnamon in the other. I'm sitting on an Ikea toddler chair. I will take these moments with me forever, chatting endlessly about nothing and everything. Who pushed X off the jungle gym again, how the sky can be blue and why the Brussels sprouts were invented. Things like that. Such a conversation often ends in 'Once upon a time…', a favorite item on the bathroom agenda for years. It goes something like this, I start:
'There was once…'
'A knight'
'His color was…'
'The purple knight had very big…'
'And thereby…'
'Could he see all the farts in the whole country'
'He also had a very nice pet and that was a…' ( tip : bend away from farts, piss and snot as long as you want it to last, because that's the beginning of the end)
'The color of the cat was…'

And so on. You can continue with that for a long time and a whole world comes to life. I read somewhere that it is very good for the development of your child. But besides that, it is also very cosy, fun and you and your child will remember these great moments for a lifetime.

Nice dances in the snow

As I said, a child's fantasy world is fleeting. For years I discussed with my son the secret life of fairies, elves and gnomes. Gnomes even had their own crockery here. And before we go to sleep there is the dream tree house. Fortunately, now that Mini is almost a teenager, there is still plenty of imagination, perhaps more because we have talked about it so often together. By the way, I still go along in his world, but it is now often called Fortnite. When we play duos together, we have a lot of fun there. We jump out of the battle bus from very high in the air, end up in the snow together, fish for nice loot, I hide in a bush while he blasts an opponent to the eternal hunting grounds eh… and we do some nice dances.

Here I obediently wait until the coast is clear -___-

But that's digital and it's just so nice if you also have a few nice hooks offline with your child's fantasy life. With us that was gnome tableware, but did you know that there are now 'just' Dream Doors for sale?! I found out a bit late myself, but do you have a toddler/preschooler at home? To do!

Um… Dream doors?

Dream doors are small colored doors that you attach to the wall in a children's room, for example. A dream door promotes the empathy, imagination and creativity of children from an early age. The mini doors are ideal for helping children to process their everyday experiences and as extra support in special situations. They entrust the fantasy figures behind the door with their experiences with a drawing or mini note that fits in the mini mailbox.

From about 3 years old, children begin to understand the concept and are able to empathize. Magical thinking is strongly present from this age. The empathy of children in their elf or dragon is therefore comparable to believing in Santa Claus or Sinterklaas.

Dream doors come in many different colors and designs.

Customize yourself

You can order these wonderful doors at Jeetjemineetje. They come in different colors, with or without glitter. Dream notes and various decorations can also be found there, because children love to decorate and make their dream door their own. That is why the door is still very popular with older children (10+). They are less concerned with the concept, but rather enjoy decorating the door and the environment.

Handy fact : Children who have difficulty expressing themselves can be challenged with the dream door to show or express their feelings in a drawing. As a result, the dream door is also regularly used by teachers, children's coaches and psychologists.

Mariko Naber
Author - Mariko Naber
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    • Sanne
    • November 25, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Ik heb weer genoten van je artikel en word echt blij van Happlify. Liefs, Sanne

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