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2020 was a bizarre year on all fronts, but it can always be crazier. Take beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager well... She came out as transgender in 2020 and experienced an armed robbery. That's what I meant. You can now find a four-part, very personal documentary series about her on YouTube and we LOVE it!

Never before has Nikkie been so open about her private life. NikkieTutorials: Layers of Me introduces you to the ups & downs the YouTube star has experienced in her turbulent life over the past 10 years. You see how she grows as a YouTuber, but also how she copes with the death of her brother and how she worries about the consequences of her coming out.

The documentary appears in four parts on YouTube and was filmed by Nikkie's best friend, documentary maker Linda Hakeboom.

NikkieTutorials: Layers of Me - the trailer


In the series we noticed how social media got a good grip on Nikkie's life. Her videos on YouTube have made her big, but the addictive factor is once again very clearly exposed (see Episode 2). All the more reason to draw attention to the Happlify Digital Detox . Because no matter how great the internet can be, balance is key. The people around you are much more important than pixels.

Happlify digital detox

NikkieTutorials: Layers of Me - Episode 1

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