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Is your faith in humanity a bit lost? Do you feel like a tearjerker or do you - just like me - love #randomactsofkindness ? Then the Netflix documentary series The Kindness Diaries is made for you and me. This series explores the nature of generosity. It gives you a glimpse into the hearts of truly selfless people. It also brings hope in a world where greed is too much revered as a virtue and where caring is seen as an obligation.

Presenter Leon Logothetis is a man on a mission who travels the world. He relies solely on the kindness of strangers for food, shelter and fuel for his bright yellow VW Beetle (in season 1 that is a yellow motorcycle) in search of the good in people.

Admittedly, it's sometimes a little cringe-inducing to see someone ask strangers "Can I spend the night in your house?" and then be rejected. I can never tell you that. Furthermore, it is an easy, feel-good series that does not demand too much attention from you.

This is the trailer for season 2 (on Netflix NOW)

Now Leon secretly has quite a bit of work to do, so on his journey he gives various gifts to some who help him. And those are the moments that melt my heart. Although the documentary is quite predictable and all episodes follow a similar plot, the moral of this series is good in and out. Also, the age-old belief remains that the less fortunate among us give the most.

The series isn't groundbreaking and I think Logothetis gets quite a bit done because it has a camera traveling with him. But that doesn't change the fact that The Kindness Diaries is definitely an interesting bingewatch tip if you need a little feel-good and some faith in humanity again.

This is the trailer for season 1 (no longer available on Netflix)

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