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It's almost that time of year that almost everyone looks forward to – Christmas! This pleasant time is often accompanied by giving and receiving Christmas packages. And those packages are not always associated with the words 'fun' or 'surprising'. Fortunately, we have Liefs uit Zierikzee , a unique webshop and brick-and-mortar store where you can order the nicest Christmas gift ever! Read more soon.

Love from Zierikzee, located in the picturesque town of Zierikzee, is known for its unique and personal gift items. The webshop offers a wide range of products, ranging from scented candles and jewelry to beautiful home accessories. But what really sets Liefs uit Zierikzee apart, especially during this festive time, are the incredible (Christmas) packages!

Why a Christmas package?

Christmas gifts are a tradition that provides warmth and connection between people during the holidays. They are given as a token of appreciation, love and gratitude to family members, friends, customers, colleagues and employees. The gesture of donating Christmas hampers symbolizes the desire to make others happy and let them know that they are special during this special time of year.

Unfortunately, many people think of Christmas packages as a box containing mainly practical and often more boring products. Love from Zierikzee shows that this is absolutely not necessary. The Christmas packages they put together are aimed at really pleasing people and giving them a wonderful Christmas feeling.

Christmas packages for everyone would like to get

What can you expect from such a unique Christmas gift from Liefs uit Zierikzee? Well, just the names are nice, how about Santa's tea party, Happy cocooning, Party on!, Mok ók hey and Just chillin'? Below you can see these five examples, but everything can be customized to your liking. You can also put it together yourself at Liefs uit Zierikzee, owner Sascha is happy to advise you on this. Everything is possible.

Santa's Tea Party

The Santa's Teaparty Christmas package is an enchanting gift that takes the Christmas atmosphere to a higher level. This package contains a cute Christmas ornament bisous, perfect to decorate your Christmas tree with a touch of charm. The candy cranes gift box and the Curiousiteas bag make your tea party complete. Everything is beautifully festively packaged, of course, making this Christmas gift a super festive surprise to receive.

Happy cocooning

Give the ultimate comfort and pleasure with the 'Happy Cocooning' Christmas package. This package promises a true sensory experience, but in a nice, cozy home. You will receive Proevewijntje a mini wine tasting of three selected wines. In this package you will also find Choc King Nice, a delicious chocolate treat and the nice card finishes it off. All these surprises are lovingly and festively wrapped in Christmas paper, ready to make someone happy!

Party on!

With this Party on Christmas package you can literally throw someone a party! In addition to Tasting Wine, you will also find delicious real Wine gums in Shiraz flavor in this package. It contains a very sweet candle, a super handy drinks bucket and also two super tasty Christmas liqueurs: Santa's Favorite and Sweet Christmas. And this package is also completely festively wrapped for you, whether you need 1 or 50. You'll have a fun evening with this, that's for sure!

Mug too

This will make every Zeeland or Zeeland fan happy, the Mok ók Christmas gift! First of all, you get the one and only bolus tea, a tea that tastes just as good as a bolus without the calories! You will also receive a box of delicious butter wafers with handy tea tongs (for tea). To top it off, you will find a wonderful scented candle in this package that smells like, how could it be otherwise, seasalt and driftwood: the Zeeland coast. Together with a beautiful Zeeland card, this package is also festively wrapped, ready for the happy recipient!

Just Chillin'

Last but not least, we have the Just Chillin' package, if you wish someone a wonderfully quiet time around Christmas. This will allow you to fully recharge for the new year to come. The package contains the Daydream candle that you can alternate with the incense that you receive with holder and gemstone. You will also receive A Beautiful Story insight cards and the Hey Power Woman card. The whole thing is of course beautifully packaged and ready to give. This is not just any package, you understand!

More than just gifts

At Liefs uit Zierikzee they understand that Christmas packages have a special meaning during the holidays. They are more than just gifts; they are an expression of love, gratitude and appreciation for the people who are important to you. The Christmas packages have been put together to surprise and delight the recipients!

Whether you choose the enchanting Santa's Teaparty Christmas package, the comfortable Happy Cocooning package, the festive Party On package, the Zeeland Mok ók hé package or the soothing Just Chillin' package, each of these packages has been put together with love and attention to detail. From treats to beautiful candles and inspiring cards, the Love from Zierikzee Christmas packages promise to bring warmth and happiness to the recipient.

Keep an eye on the Christmas collection in the near future to get into the spirit!

Christmas at Liefs uit Zierikzee

From 1 to 100 Christmas packages

Whether you are looking for one Christmas gift to put under the tree or dozens for your employees, customers or friends, Liefs uit Zierikzee makes it easy for you. Outsource this job well and enjoy the ease of giving the perfect Christmas gifts. Go to the Love from Zierikzee promotional gifts page now or contact Sascha to arrange everything directly. With the Love from Zierikzee Christmas packages you can make this festive season unforgettable for everyone!

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