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It's spring: time for new and fresh, also and especially in Corona time! This spring, plan things that will make sitting indoors—which we're really sick of—more fun. And go outside, remotely! Read on because I have so many great ideas for you to make this spring unforgettable. Print out the Spring bucket list and make your own happy spring.

What is a Spring Bucket List?

That is a list that you download and print here. Then you fill in what you want to do in the upcoming spring months of April, May and June. Things that you really only do in the spring and with which you make beautiful memories. And those are often relatively simple things. In fact, the simpler, the better. Because it's in those little things remember

Spring bucket list

What could be on your list?

Well, to get you started, here are things to put on your list. Only set up activities that are really feasible for you (and possibly your family). Nothing is more unfortunate than an almost unticked list on the first day of summer... Here it comes:

Start your Sunday morning with Vivaldi .'s spring

My parents were self-employed and worked hard all week. Sunday was therefore a kind of 'holy'. With the whole family in pajamas we had a Sunday breakfast with fresh orange juice, toasted white casino bread with butter and often - nice and loud - classical music. Vivaldi was my favorite because I remember the four seasons best. A nice memory forever. Nice to start with in the spring. Open the door to the garden, have nice things in the house and enjoy!

    🌸 Tell us, what is definitely on your mind Spring bucket list ?!

    You see, there is plenty to do to make this spring unforgettable. With the Spring bucket list you can be sure that you don't miss anything, but don't make it too difficult for yourself. Shaking up the garden with the family, making your house spring proof and bringing a bunch of spring flowers into your home is also a very nice top 3! 🎁 Download that Spring bucket list now and enjoy spring!

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    Author - Mariko Naber
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