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The evenings quickly become dark again, if the weather turns gray and the news gets worse... then it may well be that a dark cloud hangs over your head more often. You then feel depressed more easily, it is difficult to get going in the morning and your fuse is much too short. If you notice that, try to take better care of yourself, and no, that is not selfish. With me-timing you recharge yourself, so that you are stronger again and can handle everything better: your work, your family and obligations - because there will be plenty of them in the coming months... So make sure you are healthy and stays; take care of yourself.

Healthy, what is that? In a nutshell: no smoking, little to no alcohol, more vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish, less sugar and regular exercise. Oh yes, not too much caffeine either... It was something like that, when it comes to your body, right?! It is good for your mind to meditate regularly and to vent every now and then. Here are some tips to really learn to me-time well. If you do this smartly, you will never be bored and you will keep yourself healthy in all areas.

Tip 1 - Reading is slowing down

    Be honest, when was the last time you actually read a non-fiction book? That you got lost in a beautiful story, of which you created your own experience in your head? Me-timing is very good when you read. With reading you literally can't have anyone there; it's you, your book and your imagination and that's it. A book wakes up your imagination, cracks your brain, but not in the place you always worry about. It gives you new insights and, above all... peace.

    Would you like to read more? Then also read this blog post: Want to read more? This really works with these 5 tips . And that nice bookmark here? You can order it from Happlify Crew MemberHoutmoed .

    Tip 2 - Gift for yourself

      Give yourself a present. Simply because you like it, because you deserve it or as a special reward for something you have achieved yourself. A nice idea? At Happlify Crew Member Liefs from Zierikzee you will definitely succeed. Spoil yourself with these Golden dragonfly studs, for example. The dragonfly often symbolizes transformation, freedom, strength, harmony, and spirituality. It represents the cycle of change and growth, while also representing freedom, courage, and the ability to overcome obstacles. The delicate appearance of the dragonfly and its ability to remain balanced symbolize harmony. In some cultures it is considered a messenger from the spiritual world and a sign of good luck and prosperity. You see, it is a versatile symbol with different meanings. Which one suits you? Shop them here (they are also available in silver).

      Tip 3 - Start with easy meditation

        Meditation is not just sitting quietly on a cushion for a while. It's so much more than that. It is sinking into your subconscious, clearing your head, letting go of unnecessary (worrying) thoughts. Would you like to (re)start that? The makers of the super nice Headspace meditation app have released a super accessible series in collaboration with Netflix.
        Netflix's Headspace Guide to Meditation explores the basics of meditation and how it can help you be more present and less distracted in your daily life. It is explained to you in a simple way with animation, in Dutch. You can read about this in the blog post Meditation is super easy to learn and you can also watch the trailer.

        Tip 4 - Reduce your screen time

          Do you want to enjoy the new year much more and live consciously? Would you like more peace of mind, real connection, more creativity and moments of happiness? Then take a serious look at Happlify's Digital detox . Many people have tackled their digital lives with this. Because did you know that in the Netherlands we spend an average of 34 days a year on our mobile phone? 34 days huh?!
          What can you do about that? Good news: the detox immediately gives you more time that you can spend on much more important things. Like me-timing. What a great gift to give yourself more peace, creativity, moments of happiness and time. It's never too late to start the digital detox. You start when you want.

          Tip 5 - Happlify your life

            Happlify your life This very interesting workbook gives you all the ins & outs about happiness and how to easily grow it. Recognizable examples, fun facts and tips are alternated with handy fill-in pages.

            Using Maslow's pyramid of needs, you will go through the five most important needs within 52 weeks: basics, security, social contact, appreciation and self-realization. This is how you collect your personal happiness document and create, with scribbles, photos, quotes and lists, your own happiness manual for life ! Order this book quickly here at Bol.com for only €24.

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              Mariko Naber

              The author: Mariko Naber

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